Mick Harris (ex Napalm Death drummer)

~ Person

Legal name: Michael John Harris

Also performs as: Clang (Mick Harris), Eddy Masvoodler (techno alias of Mick Harris), Fret (techno alias of Mick Harris), Lull (Mick Harris project), Monrella (techno alias of Mick Harris), Quoit (drum and bass alias of Mick Harris), The Weakener (illbient alias of Mick Harris)


Unspecified type

2017Secret Thirteen Mix 233Mick Harris1


1994Murder Ballads (Drift)M.J. Harris & Martyn Bates2
1995Somnific FluxM.J. Harris and Bill Laswell2
1996CollapseJames Plotkin & Mick Harris1
1997Overload LadyMick Harris & Eraldo Bernocchi2
1997Murder Ballads (Passages)M.J. Harris & Martyn Bates2
1998Murder Ballads (Incest Songs)M.J. Harris & Martyn Bates1
1998Shortcut to ConnectMick Harris & Neil Harvey1
1998Total StationMick Harris & Eraldo Bernocchi1
1999Mesmeric Enabling DeviceNigel Ayers, John Everall and Mick Harris1
2000Having ItMick Harris1
2000Bad Roads, Young DriversMark Spybey & Mick Harris1
2001DysMick Harris & Ambre1
2021Drones Tones Drifts and Feedbacks Part 1Mick Harris1
2022Drones Tones Drifts and Feedbacks Part 2Mick Harris1
2022HedNod TwelveMick Harris1
2022HedNod Fourteenmick harris1
2023HedNod FifteenMick Harris1
2023HedNod SixteenMick Harris1
2023Culvert Dubs Session OneMick Harris1
2023HedNod SeventeenMick Harris1

Album + Compilation

1998Murder Ballads: The Complete CollectionM.J. Harris & Martyn Bates1
2005Hednod SessionsMick Harris1
2022Hednod Sessions IIMick Harris1


2009Radical Simple PracticeMick Harris / Antonym & Regis1


1997Overload Lady (Remixes)Mick Harris & Eraldo Bernocchi1
1999Session 01Mick Harris1
2000Session 02Mick Harris1
2000Session 03Mick Harris1
2021HedNod FiveMick Harris1
2021HedNod SixMick Harris1
2021HedNod SevenMick Harris1
2021HedNod EightMick Harris1
2021HedNod NineMick Harris1
2022HedNod Tenmick harris1
2022HedNod ElevenMick Harris1
2022HedNod ThirteenMick Harris1

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