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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Love Thang Shur-I-Kan 3:39
Advance Shur-I-Kan 6:33
Advance Shur-I-Kan ?:??
Advance (part of “Global Warming: The First Taste Of Summer” DJ-mix) Shur-I-Kan 4:34
Advance (Landslide remix) Shur-I-Kan ?:??
Advance (Unforscene remix) Shur-I-Kan ?:??
Anyone 4 Love Shur-I-Kan 4:42
As We Shur-I-Kan 5:27
As We (part of a “Hed Kandi: Beach House 2015” DJ‐mix) Shur-I-Kan 4:32
Autumn Leaves Shur-I-Kan 3:17
Awakenings Shur-I-Kan 5:21
Away Shur-I-Kan 5:58
Back in Time Shur-I-Kan 2:47
Bedtime Stories Shur-I-Kan 7:13
Blue Giraffe Shur-I-Kan 5:25
Can't Love, Won't Love Shur-I-Kan 6:02
Can't Love, Won't Love (part of a “Hed Kandi: Beach House 2014” DJ-mix) Shur-I-Kan 4:59
Children Shur-I-Kan 6:36
Chillin Shur-I-Kan 1:51
Common Ground (dub mix) Fred Everything & Shur-I-Kan 6:02
Common Ground (Original Mix) Shur-I-Kan & Fred Everything 7:14
Cookie Shur-I-Kan 5:58
Cookie Shur-I-Kan ?:??
Cookie (Discerning Ear remix) Shur-I-Kan ?:??
Cookie (Swell Sessions remix) Shur-I-Kan ?:??
Deep in My Heart Shur-I-Kan 7:03
Deep in My Heart Shur-I-Kan 7:04
Dubfunk Shur-I-Kan 6:00
End Point Shur-I-Kan 0:57
Everytime Shur-I-Kan 6:11
Fantasy Shur-I-Kan ?:??
Feel Free (original mix) Shur-I-Kan feat. Christina Coronel 6:09
Feel the Love Shur-I-Kan feat. Eshe Escoffery, HKB FiNN 3:34
Fragments Shur-I-Kan 7:12
Future Shur-I-Kan 5:54
Generations Shur-I-Kan 7:21
Generations Shur-I-Kan 7:20
Generations Shur-I-Kan 7:16
Generations Shur-I-Kan 7:18
Generations Shur-I-Kan ?:??
Generations Shur-I-Kan 6:02
Generations (Brett Johnson's Spring Bump mix) Shur-I-Kan 5:32
Generations (Brett Johnson's Spring Bump mix) (part of “San Francisco Sessions 5” DJ-mix) Shur-I-Kan ?:??
Going Shur-I-Kan 5:29
Going Shur-I-Kan 5:54
Gripper (original mix) Shur-I-Kan 7:53
Gripper (original mix) Shur-I-Kan 6:59
Half Step Shur-I-Kan 7:22
Half Step (Waypoint mix) Shur-I-Kan 7:22
Happens Shur-I-Kan 5:50
High Street Rocka Shur-I-Kan feat. Rawality 3:37
Homeward Shur-I-Kan 6:10
Humble Zone Shur-I-Kan feat. HKB FiNN 3:26
I Want It Shur-I-Kan 4:00
I Want It (Milton Jackson mix 1) Shur-I-Kan 5:48
In Your Arms Shur-I-Kan 5:50
Joy Shur-I-Kan 6:16
Kissing Shur-I-Kan 3:35
Last Warm Place Shur-I-Kan 6:32
Last Warm Place (part of “The Trip: Created by Tom Middleton” DJ-mix) Shur-I-Kan 4:53
Letting You Down Shur-I-Kan 6:54
Like Rick Says Shur-I-Kan 3:56
Like Rick Says Shur-I-Kan 4:11
Like Rick Says Shur-I-Kan 4:56
Living Inside (part of a “Fabric 26: Global Communication” DJ‐mix) Shur-I-Kan 2:16
Living Inside (Mike Monday remix) Shur-I-Kan 6:18
Mornington Crescent Shur-I-Kan 3:36
Music (Audiomontage bonus beats mix) Shur-I-Kan 6:24
My Love Shur-I-Kan 5:43
My Love (Keeno remix) Shur-I-Kan 4:13
My Love (original mix) Shur-I-Kan 5:44
My Love (original mix) Shur-I-Kan 7:18
Mystik Shur-I-Kan feat. Ty, Babs, HKB FiNN 4:03
Niomi's Dream Shur-I-Kan 6:18
Niomi's Dream (DJ mix from "A Jedi's Night Out") Shur-I-Kan 5:35
Niomi’s Dream Shur-I-Kan 6:01
One Ten Shur-I-Kan 5:00
One Ten (part of a “Balance 024: Danny Howells” DJ‐mix) Shur-I-Kan 2:16
Revelations Shur-I-Kan 6:34
Revelations (part of “Café Karma” DJ-mix) Shur-I-Kan 6:14
Searching Shur-I-Kan 5:43
Searching (Fingers mix, Part 2) Shur-I-Kan 4:36
Segue One Shur-I-Kan 1:34
Segue Two Shur-I-Kan 3:12
Simply Yes Shur-I-Kan feat. Alexander East 5:04
Sizzle Shur-I-Kan 4:38
Somewhere Shur-I-Kan 8:27
Start Point Shur-I-Kan 1:25
Stepping Tones Shur-I-Kan 6:10
Stepping Tones (Kim Brown remix) Shur-I-Kan ?:??
Strolling Shur-I-Kan 3:28
Studio Fever Shur-I-Kan 3:14
Survival of the Fittest Shur-I-Kan feat. Lotek, HKB FiNN, Rawality 3:51
Sush Kebab Shur-I-Kan 3:06
Swap Shop (Shur-I-Kan's Swamparama dub) (part of “Tom Middleton: Renaissance 3D” DJ-mix) Shur-I-Kan 5:18
Swing Lo Shur-I-Kan 6:23
Take a Minute Shur-I-Kan feat. HKB FiNN 5:04
The Bounce Shur-I-Kan 2:21
The Chase Shur-I-Kan 6:33
the Dayz Shur-I-Kan 3:12

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