John Debney

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Work Writers Artists ISWC Type Lyrics Languages Attributes Rating
’85 Lone Pine Mall (Back to the Future)
4 × 4
Back to the Future (title theme from the 1985 film of the same name)
  • zxx
  • 1872537 (BMI ID)
Back to the Future: The Ride (music for Universal Studios theme park ride)
Banning Opens the Pods
Banning Swallows Queen
Burn the Book
Can You Read My Mind (Superman: The Movie, love theme)
Chasing Rockets (Superman: The Movie)
Clocktower, Part 1
Clocktower, Part 2 and Helicopter
Demolition Program
Doc Returns
Dream House
End Logo
End of Days Alternate Main Title
End Title (Cutthroat Island)
Flagellation / Dark Choir / Disciples
Flying to Lois (Superman: The Movie)
Growing Up (Superman: The Movie)
He's Gone
Hill Valley, 2015
I Put a Spell on You Song
  • eng
I'm Back
It Is Done
Jimmy Saves Blaine
Jimmy's Dream
Jimmy's Tux
Jonathan’s Death (Superman: The Movie)
Leaving Home (Superman: The Movie)
Mad Bike Messenger
Main Theme (Superman: The Movie)
Main Title (The Stoning of Soraya M.)
March of the Villains (Superman: The Movie)
Marty's Letter
Out Loud (from the Eddie Murphy film “A Thousand Words” (2012))
  • eng
Peaceful but Primitive / Procession
Porcelain Man
Prologue and Main Title (Superman: The Movie)
Pushing Boulders (Superman: The Movie)
Putting on Tux
Redemption and Rebirth (A Thousand Words)
Resurrection (The Passion of the Christ)
Rope Fight
Satan Walks the Streets
Seaquest DSV
Seaquest DSV: Theme (concert version)
Skateboard Chase
Skateboard Chase
Song of Complaint
The Destruction of Krypton (Superman: The Movie)
The Fantasyland Darkride Suite (appears on The Legacy Collection: Disneyland)
  • eng
The Flying Sequence (Superman: The Movie)
The Fortress of Solitude (Superman: The Movie)
The Gates of Hell
The Helicopter Sequence (Superman: The Movie)
The Letter
The Penthouse (Superman: The Movie)
The Planet Krypton
The Prison Yard and End Title (Superman: The Movie)
The Stoning
The Truck Convoy (Superman: The Movie)
The Tunnel
The West
The Young Riders
The Young Riders
To the Lair (Superman: The Movie)
Trip to Earth (Superman: The Movie)
Turning Back the World (Superman: The Movie)