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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Born In The Dissecting-Room 3:30
Buried Alive 2:31
Butcher's Flies Are Beautifully Butterflies 2:57
Cut A Piece For Your Hunger 2:13
Cut a Piece for Your Hunger - Reloaded (Song 2003) 3:13
Death In Eyes 4:28
Dekubit 4:41
Delicacy of Bone Marrow and Desolation Skin 3:24
Discreet By Butcher 3:28
Disgust And Pain 3:20
Endless Torture 4:01
Executioners Volition 5:03
Girl from Little Village 3:26
Goreburger 3:30
He Torture the Brain with a Drill 3:45
Intro (Souls of Mass Murders) 0:34
Lost in Forest - Found in Flesh 3:47
Malevolent Traces Full of Disgust and Fear Saw in Soil 3:41
Mix (...And From Flesh To Bone) 3:05
Mr. Butcher 3:13
Pathological Dependence on Autopsy Stench 3:33
Pleasure of Pain, Molesting and Torture, To Be Continued... 1:28
Psychopats Apprentice 5:50
Residues of Decapitated Intestines Falls Out of Plate 4:48
Sick Call 3:51
Vomiting Bloody Pieces of Undigested Body 3:47

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