members: Stacey Campbell (– 2003)
Chris Brantley (– 2004)
George Bikos (– 2007)
Rachel McDonell (– 2007)
Valerie Gentile (2007-11 – 2009-04)
original members: Rogue (vocalist of The Crüxshadows)
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Date Title Artist Length
Faery Child (Crüxshadows mix) The Dreamside 6:00
Faery Child (Crüxshadows remix) The Dreamside 6:01
Home (Crüxshadows mix) Behind the Scenes 4:45
No Love Will Heal (The Crüxshadows remix) In Strict Confidence 6:17
Only Pictures Cry (Crüxshadows mix) Ganymede 4:18
World (Crüxshadows Ibook remix) Croc Shop 6:10