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Date Title
A Giant Cloud of Impending Doom
A Moment of Luck in the Sea of Misfortune
A Nearly Peaceful Place
A Quiet Corner
A Way Through
An Army Lying in Wait
Assassins of Kings
Blue Mountains
Bound to End
Bulletstorm (video game soundtrack)
Bulletstorm Theme
Dreary Stronghold
Dwarven Stone Upon Dwarven Stone
Easier Said Than Killed
Far Side of the Cavern
For a Higher Cause
Fueled Up & Leaving Stygia
Gotta Be an Out
Hostiles on Our Tail
Howl of the White Wolf
My Cyborg Components
Night at Loc Muinne
No Sudden Movement
Practice Makes Perfect
Quit Being Cute
Rumors Were True
Shadow Warrior (2013 video game soundtrack)
Skull Hunting Party
Soaking the Ambiance
The Brakes Are Out
The Camp by Night
The End Is Never the Same
The Lone Survivor
The Mistaken Signals
The Path of a Kingslayer
The Storm
The Wild Hunt
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (video game soundtrack)
This One Last Time
Through the Underworld
Too Many to Kill Them All
Trishka Falls
Vergen by Night