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members: Shane Breyer (keyboard) (1996 – 1998)
Don Anderson (US guitarist & songwriter for Agalloch & Sculptured) (acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, piano, background vocals) (1996 – 2016-05-13)
Jason William Walton (bass guitar) (1996 – 2016-05-13)
Chris Greene (Former drummer of Agalloch) (drums (drum set)) (2004 – 2007)
Aesop Dekker (drums (drum set)) (2007 – 2016-05-13)
original members: John Haughm (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums (drum set), electric guitar) (1995 – 2016-05-13)
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Date Title Artist Length
(serpens caput) Agalloch 3:07
(serpens cauda) Agalloch 3:12
Birth and Death of the Pillars of Creation Agalloch 10:28
Celestial Effigy Agalloch 6:59
Cor Serpentis (the sphere) Agalloch 2:59
Dark Matter Gods Agalloch 8:36
Falling Snow Agalloch 9:39
Fire Above, Ice Below Agalloch 10:29
Limbs Agalloch 9:51
Not Unlike the Waves Agalloch 9:16
Our Fortress Is Burning... I Agalloch 5:26
Our Fortress Is Burning... II: Bloodbirds Agalloch 6:21
Our Fortress Is Burning... III: The Grain Agalloch 7:10
Plateau of the Ages Agalloch 12:26
The Astral Dialogue Agalloch 5:12
This White Mountain on Which You Will Die Agalloch 1:39
Vales Beyond Dimension Agalloch 6:48