Bedrock (trance, John Digweed and Nick Muir)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Heaven Scent (original mix) Bedrock 3:03
Heaven Scent (original mix) Bedrock 5:52
Heaven Scent (original mix) Bedrock 9:00
Heaven Scent (original mix) Bedrock 6:46
Heaven Scent (original mix) Bedrock 10:28
Heaven Scent (original mix) (DJ‐mix from “MoS: Clubber’s Guide to… Australia”) Bedrock 3:59
Heaven Scent (original mix) (part of a “Club Mix 2000” DJ‐mix) Bedrock 2:06
Heaven Scent (original mix) (part of a “Meltdown 2000” DJ‐mix) Bedrock 5:05
Heaven Scent (Original Mix) Bedrock 10:28
Heaven Scent (original) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 6” DJ‐mix) Bedrock 3:12
Heaven Scent (P.O.B. Siesmix) Bedrock 7:33
Heaven Scent (Pob's Seismix) Bedrock 7:27
Heaven Scent (POB's Seismix) Bedrock 4:37
Heaven Scent (Pob’s Seismix) Bedrock 5:08
Heaven Scent (Pob’s Seismix) Bedrock 5:15
Heaven Scent (POB’s Seismix) Bedrock 7:36
Heaven Scent (Ruddick & Dopping pres. Research & Development remix) Bedrock 8:26
Heaven Scent (Yunus Güvenen remix) Bedrock 10:13
Life Line Bedrock ?:??
Life Line (original mix) Bedrock 8:40
Revolution (live at dub City) / Call Him Up (Slam mix) / Believe (Ambient‐ish dub) / Breakline (Motor mix) / Gimme a Smile (The Delorme vs. Dharma Bums mix) / Get Up Stand Up (Inner World mix) / Let the Music Lift You Up / Apache (House mix) / For What You Dream Of (Panel Beater dub) / Calm Down (original mix) / Wildstyle Groove (instrumental mix) / Tax the Sax (L.A. Underground mix) / Turn Me Out (a cappella) / Theme From Bubbleman (Ground Level’s Sweep mix) / Forever and a Day (original club mix)) Route 66 / Voices of 6th Avenue / All Boxed In / Riviera Splash / Lost Tribe of The Lost Minds of The Lost Valley / Reefa! / Parks & Wilson / M.A.S.I. / Bedrock / Chris & James / Paninaro / Parks & Wilson / Kathy Brown / Bubbleman / Charvoni 1:15:11
Santiago (Chab remix) Bedrock 8:42
Santiago (Chab remix) (part of a “Bedrock 10: Past Present Future” DJ‐mix) Bedrock 7:18
Santiago (Dave Seaman’s Group Therapy mix) Bedrock 6:29
Santiago (Guy Gerber Hotrod dub) Bedrock 8:30
Santiago (Guy Gerber unreleased dub) Bedrock ?:??
Santiago (Guy Gerber’s “Hot Rod” mix) Bedrock 8:31
Santiago (Joeski remix) Bedrock 6:18
Santiago (Joeski remix) Bedrock 5:21
Santiago (Joeski remix) Bedrock 6:28
Santiago (Joeski remix) Bedrock ?:??
Santiago (Nick Muir 2015 Downtempo version) Bedrock 6:45
Santiago (Nick Muir 2015 Downtempo Version) Bedrock 6:35
Set in Stone Bedrock 10:35
Set in Stone Bedrock 6:34
Set in Stone Bedrock 11:02
Set in Stone Bedrock ?:??
Set in Stone (part of "Renaissance: The Mix Collection, Part 4" DJ mix) Bedrock 10:26
Set in Stone (part of a “Classic Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Bedrock 7:30
Set in Stone (part of a “Euphoria: A Decade of Trance Anthems” DJ‐mix) Bedrock 5:10
Set In Stone Bedrock 11:01
Set In Stone Bedrock 11:04
Set in Stone (John Digweed & Nick Muir) (part of a “Euphoria, Volume 1: Mind, Body and Soul” DJ‐mix) Bedrock 7:09
Voices Bedrock 4:37
Voices Bedrock 9:09
Voices Bedrock 6:01
Voices Bedrock 7:13
Voices Bedrock 7:50
Voices Bedrock ?:??
Voices (DJ Remy mix) Bedrock 1:27
Voices (DJ Remy remix) Bedrock 5:14
Voices (DJ Remy remix) Bedrock ?:??
Voices (Freelance Icebreakers mix) Bedrock 8:35
Voices (Freelance Icebreakers mix) Bedrock ?:??
Voices (Freelance Icebreakers mix) Bedrock 5:19
Voices (original mix edit) Bedrock 8:26
Voices (original mix) Bedrock 4:20
Voices (original mix) Bedrock 8:31
Voices (original mix) Bedrock 9:09
Voices (original mix) (part of a “Cream CD 2” DJ‐mix) Bedrock 7:31
Voices (Original Mix) Bedrock 9:09
Voices (radio edit) Bedrock 3:20
Voices (Saeed & Palash Breathless remix) Bedrock 10:33
Voices (Saeed & Palash Breathless remix) Bedrock 4:14
Voices (Saeed & Palash Breathless remix) Bedrock 10:35
Voices (Saeed & Palash remix) Bedrock 6:43
Voices (Slacker's Dumbstruck) Bedrock 10:23
Voices (Slacker’s Dumbstruck edit) Bedrock 8:06
Voices (Slacker’s Dumbstruck mix) Bedrock 4:25
What You Dream Of (Full on Renaissance mix) (part of a “MoS: Trance Nation 2” DJ‐mix) Bedrock feat. KYO 3:59

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