George Harrison (Russian hardcore group)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Are You Sure That Being Positive Means Kissing Your Ass? 1:12
Bandana Unite Us 1:07
Bandana United Us ?:??
Death to Fake Metal 1:14
Death to Fake Metal!!! ?:??
Emo Nazis Must Die! 0:49
Fat Fury Is Too Fat to Skate That's Why We Are Not a Skatecore Band 1:00
George Harrison Power 1:20
Go Metal With George Harrison 0:43
GxHx Mosh Kung Fu Crew 1:03
GxHx Vandal Crew 1:20
Hardcore Pizza Comic Books 0:03
How Emo Will You Get When I Kick You in the Balls 1:00
I Believe in Unity but I Don't Believe in You 1:25
I Can't Wait to Get Rich 1:08
I Can't Wait to Get Rich ?:??
I Wish We Were a Japanese Hardcore Band 0:49
Leave My Time to Me 1:03
Let's Start Our Own Revolution 1:50
Little Skater Kids 1:27
Macho Dickhead Fuckin' Pig 0:41
Macho Dickhead Fucking Pigs ?:??
Please Don't Break Up 0:38
Russian Hardcore Thrash Attack 1:34
Thrash for Satan 0:22
Thrash Freaks for Life 0:58
Trash for Satan ?:??
Undead Ninja Thrashers Are Fuckin' Go! 0:58
Violent Loser 1:47
Violent Loser ?:??
We Love Summer 1:02
Where Is the Youth 0:23
Why Be Something That You Are Not (By Negative Approach) 0:39

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