Peter Hammill (English singer-songwriter)

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Legal name: Peter Joseph Andrew Hammill



1971Fool’s MatePeter Hammill4.55
1973Chameleon in the Shadow of the NightPeter Hammill4.55
1974The Silent Corner and the Empty StagePeter Hammill4.85
1974In CameraPeter Hammill4.44
1975Nadir's Big ChancePeter Hammill4.355
1977OverPeter Hammill4.656
1978The Future NowPeter Hammill4
1979pH7Peter Hammill35
1980A Black BoxPeter Hammill43
1981Sitting TargetsPeter Hammill33
1982Enter KPeter Hammill2
1983Loops & ReelsPeter Hammill2
1983PatiencePeter Hammill34
1984The Love SongsPeter Hammill3
1986And Close as ThisPeter Hammill2
1986SkinPeter Hammill6
1988In a Foreign TownPeter Hammill23
1988Spur of the MomentPeter Hammill and Guy Evans32
1990Out of WaterPeter Hammill1
1991The Fall of the House of UsherPeter Hammill42
1992FireshipsPeter Hammill42
1993Offensichtlich GoldfischPeter Hammill1
1993The NoisePeter Hammill1
1994Roaring FortiesPeter Hammill2
1996SonixPeter Hammill1
1996X My HeartPeter Hammill32
1997Everyone You HoldPeter Hammill2
1998ThisPeter Hammill1
1999The Appointed HourRoger Eno & Peter Hammill1
2000None of the AbovePeter Hammill1
2001UnsungPeter Hammill1
2001What, Now?Peter Hammill1
2002ClutchPeter Hammill42
2004IncoherencePeter Hammill1
2006SingularityPeter Hammill1
2009Thin AirPeter Hammill1
2012ConsequencesPeter Hammill1
2014Other WorldPeter Hammill32
2014…All That Might Have Been…Peter Hammill3
2017From The TreesPeter Hammill2
2019In AmazoniaIsildurs Bane & Peter Hammill2
2020We Persuade Ourselves We Are ImmortalAmorphous Androgynous & Peter Hammill2
2021In TranslationPeter Hammill1
2021In DisequilibriumIsildurs Bane & Peter Hammill1

Album + Compilation

1978VisionPeter Hammill1
1993The Storm (Before the Calm)Peter Hammill52
1993The Calm (After the Storm)Peter Hammill42
1996After the Show (A Collection)Peter Hammill1
1996PAST GO: CollectedPeter Hammill2
2002The Thin Man Sings BalladsPeter Hammill1
2019The K BoxPeter Hammill with The K Group1

Album + Live

1988The Margin - LivePeter Hammill & The K-Group3
1990Room Temperature LivePeter Hammill2
1992Music BoxPeter Hammill1
1992Skeletons of SongsPeter Hammill1
1993There Goes the DaylightPeter Hammill1
1995The Peel SessionsPeter Hammill52
1996TidesPeter Hammill2
1997The Union Chapel ConcertGuy Evans & Peter Hammill1
1999TypicalPeter Hammill1
2006VeraciousPeter Hammill2
2009In The PassionsKirche Berlin MCMXCIIPeter Hammill1
2011Pno, Gtr, Vox (live Performances by Peter Hammill)Peter Hammill1
2012Pno, Gtr, Vox, BoxPeter Hammill1
2016Live at Rockpalast - Hamburg 1981Peter Hammill & The K Group2
2018X / TenPeter Hammill1
2019Not Yet Not NowPeter Hammill1


1992A Fix on the MixPeter Hammill1

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