Name ISRCs Rating Length
Deeper 4:28
Deeper ?:??
Far Away 5:40
Far Away 5:16
Far Away 5:43
Far Away (part of a “Buddha‐Bar V” DJ‐mix) 5:14
Far Away (part of a “Buddha‐Bar: Ten Years” DJ‐mix) 4:12
Far Away (original mix) 4:47
Feelings 5:17
I Need You (Right Now) 4:17
La Sonadora 5:46
La Soñadora 5:45
La Sonadora (ambient mix) (part of a “Chill Out in Paris 2” DJ‐mix) 5:31
La Sonadora (The Dreamer) 5:32
La Sonadora (The Dreamer) 5:39
La Soñadora (The Dreamer) 5:49
La Soñadora (The Dreamer) 5:22
La Sonodora (Ambient mix) 5:21
Need You (Right Now) 4:32
Need You (Right Now) 4:27
Need You (Right Now) (ambient mix) (part of a “Buddha‐Bar II” DJ‐mix) 4:29
Need You (Right Now) (ambient mix) (part of a “Deep & Chilled Euphoria” DJ‐mix) 4:30
Need You (Right Now) (Ambient mix) 4:33
Need You (Right Now) (Ambient mix) 4:35
Need You (Right Now) (Ambient mix) (part of “Café Ibiza, 6” DJ-mix) 4:27
Need You (Right Now) (Ambient mix) (part of a “Real Ibiza³: Chilling You Softly” DJ‐mix) 3:21
Need You Right Now (Ambient mix) 4:28
The Kiss 6:47
Upside Down 5:06

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