Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Punch in the Face 2:42
Always Goodbye 3:53
Always Goodbye 3:53
An Armenian Best 3:18
Bedspins, Part 1 3:08
Bedspins, Part 2 3:38
Burn Off Your Fingerprints ?:??
Casually Stuck Between a Model and a Silhouette 3:16
Consider Yourself Lucky 3:25
Diet of Worms ?:??
Drinking to Bend 2:12
Eyes Closed to Motion 3:38
Four Letter Tattoos and White Flags ?:??
Holy Bibles and Stained Glass Hotel Windows ?:??
Knife in Hand, Gun in Mouth ?:??
Life as a Series of Addictions ?:??
Making Her (Walk the Plank) 3:32
Oh! How Clintonian of Me ?:??
On the Greyhound Sipping the Wachusett Reservoir 3:43
Only the Good Looking Need Apply ?:??
Out of Our Faces 3:57
Personal Vendetta 9:04
Pyritic Eyes (The Same Soap Opera) 5:34
Stand Up, State Your Name 2:56
Stand Up, State Your Name 3 2:57
That's One Dead Horse (Instrometal) 3:04
The Art of Soap Opera Acting 4:12
The Bachelorette, Her Neck and a Drunk as Joe Millionaire ?:??
The Bloated Pop Star Years 2:47
The Disappearing Act of Another Yoko 4:24
The Last Yellow Days of Anna Lauzonis 4:31
The Pledge of Allegiance 4:11
The Silent Partner ?:??
We Hit It Off, It's the Shit (Or Get Off the Pot) ?:??
When Everyone Was Everyone 4:15
When It Was New Years Eve Three Times A Week 4:54

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