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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Dogstar strings Hybrid feat. Perry Farrell 8:23
Falling Down strings Hybrid feat. Judie Tzuke 6:52
I Choose Noise strings Hybrid 5:29
Just for Today strings Hybrid feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw 8:08
Keep It in the Family strings Hybrid 6:22
Secret Circles strings Hybrid 0:53
performing orchestra
“REBIRTH” From Sand Storm Keiki Kobayashi 6:53
A Cat Named Mittens (Main Title) Stephen Rippy 0:52
About Bad Dreams Elia David Cmiral 1:25
Aftermath Elia David Cmiral 1:09
Allied Nations Chris Tilton 3:24
Alternate End Credits Richard Gibbs 5:39
Arthas, My Son Northwest Sinfonia and Chorus Neal Acree & Jason Hayes 3:12
Back Home Elia David Cmiral 1:06
Billy’s Diary Elia David Cmiral 1:29
Billy’s Nightmare Elia David Cmiral 2:29
Blue on Blue Hiroshi Okubo ?:??
Broken Robert Downey Jr. 5:10
Can’t Take It Elia David Cmiral 2:31
Ching-ling Assassination Attempt / Soldiers Revolt 喜多郎 4:04
Ching-ling Escapes 喜多郎 2:55
Ching-ling Goes to Russia 喜多郎 3:53
Countdown Chris Tilton 3:08
Dead Girl in Shower John Ottman 3:49
Deck of 52 Chris Tilton 2:06
Déjà vu Keiki Kobayashi 3:31
Destination: DMZ Chris Tilton 3:39
Doggie Treat / First Kill John Ottman 2:09
Dr. Sun & Ching-ling 喜多郎 2:37
Driven Keiki Kobayashi 2:36
Dying Echoes Keiki Kobayashi 2:50
Echoing Wall 喜多郎 4:38
End Credits Richard Gibbs 4:58
Explosion Scherzo Chris Tilton 1:53
Eyes Jesahm 3:07
Family Business Chris Tilton 3:04
Fight Back Keiki Kobayashi 2:27
Final Attack Elia David Cmiral 2:38
Flashback / Dropping Off Body John Ottman 2:38
For the Motherland Chris Tilton 2:33
Gas Tank on the Roof Chris Tilton 1:06
Going Home John Ottman 1:47
Hallucinations in Shower Elia David Cmiral 3:04
Happy Birthday Richard Gibbs 1:56
Harmony Is Dead? John Ottman 1:25
Harmony Lives John Ottman 2:16
Harmony Sees a Clue John Ottman 1:24
Harry Smartens Up John Ottman 1:48
Harry's Rage John Ottman 3:23
Have You Met Her Thunder (Trailer Soundtrack) Stephen Rippy 2:17
Hidden Valley Bunker Chris Tilton 4:55
His Repose Keiki Kobayashi 1:13
Home Front Takahiro Izutani 4:09
Honor and Strength Chris Tilton 3:29
Horizon Keiki Kobayashi 2:40
Hurricane Yoshitaka Suzuki 3:45
If You Can Use a Doorknob (Victory Theme) Stephen Rippy 1:05
Illumination Globus 5:44
In Julia’s Head Elia David Cmiral 2:39
Infiltrator Keiki Kobayashi 1:50
Innocent Times John Ottman 2:02
Julia Studies Elia David Cmiral 1:33
Julia With Little Girl Elia David Cmiral 1:36
La Coronacion Globus 4:18
Launch Hiroshi Okubo 6:38
Lovely Confessions John Ottman 2:30
Ma'am... Some Other Sunset (Defeat Theme) Stephen Rippy 1:16
Madre Terra Globus 4:12
Main Title Richard Gibbs 2:59
Main Titles John Ottman 1:53
Man on Fire 喜多郎 3:40
Mercenaries Main Theme Michael Giacchino 4:13
Mercenary Without a Cause Chris Tilton 5:42
Moscow Keiki Kobayashi 2:40
Mrs. Krista Yoslav Keiki Kobayashi 3:32
New Friend Richard Gibbs 1:37
Nowhere to Land 喜多郎 2:51
Oh, Nuts! John Ottman 2:56
Orchard of Mines Globus 5:08
Overdose / Grim Reaper / The Hospital Richard Gibbs 4:49
Painful Pieces John Ottman 1:27
Painted Lady / Mary’s World / The Fight Richard Gibbs 3:32
Parachutes 喜多郎 2:22
Picnic Richard Gibbs 2:40
Pipeline Norihiko Hibino 4:27
Porque te vas (Globus version) Globus 4:06
Preliator Globus 4:28
Prelude (On Earth as in Heaven) Globus 5:25
Release Keiki Kobayashi 5:30
Relentless Pursuit Chris Tilton 2:28
Rush Rio Hamamoto 4:48
Sadness Elia David Cmiral 2:12
Samuel’s Story Richard Gibbs 2:50
Saving Perry John Ottman 4:40
Shadow in Closet Elia David Cmiral 1:55
Show Me the Mercenary Chris Tilton 2:07
Sniper Chris Tilton 2:17
Something Lurks Elia David Cmiral 3:19
Spiritus Khayyam Globus 5:12
Storm Warnings Richard Gibbs 4:35
Surveillance Lessons John Ottman 3:22
Swedish Fireballs Chris Tilton 3:05
Tell Me About the Beach / Tickle Fight / Solar Plunge Richard Gibbs 4:04
Terror in Elevator Elia David Cmiral 2:34
Terry and Rats Elia David Cmiral 1:31
That's the Story John Ottman 1:46
The Blinding Flash Chris Tilton 1:09
The Bonfire 喜多郎 1:49
The Book Is Finished / Afterlife / The Beach Richard Gibbs 5:45
The Burning Legion Russell Brower & Jason Hayes 3:59
The Dark Portal Neal Acree 2:58
The Fair John Ottman 1:38
The Meeting / Refuge Richard Gibbs 2:23
The Prisoner’s First Letter / Mary’s Dream Richard Gibbs 3:18
The Scroll Is Read 喜多郎 4:04
The Soong Sisters 喜多郎 4:44
Thermal Event Chris Tilton 2:14
They Are Coming Elia David Cmiral 1:20
They Took My Crickets John Ottman 1:48
Torn Letter Richard Gibbs 4:55
Toy Heist John Ottman 1:55
Trains, Planes, and HMMWVs Chris Tilton 2:04
Transcendence Richard Gibbs 3:41
Trouble at Work Chris Tilton 2:08
Twisted Reality Elia David Cmiral 3:02
Us Too Elia David Cmiral 1:41
Video Tape Elia David Cmiral 1:12
Waltz & War 喜多郎 3:49
White Devil Rio Hamamoto 4:12
Whoa, Who's This? John Ottman 1:38
World’s Best Carpool Lane / [unknown] Chris Tilton 1:55
Wrath of the Lich King Northwest Sinfonia and Chorus Russell Brower & Jason Hayes 8:57
Xi-an Airport 喜多郎 1:21
Age of Empires III Stephen Rippy & Kevin McMullan
Age of Empires III Soundtrack Stephen Rippy & Kevin McMullan
Dead Space: Original Videogame Soundtrack Jason Graves
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Soundtrack (collector’s edition) Various Artists
Hellraiser: Bloodline Daniel Licht
Hellraiser: Bloodline: Original Soundtrack From the Dimension Film Daniel Licht
I Choose Noise Hybrid
Medal of Honor Michael Giacchino
Medal of Honor: Underground Michael Giacchino
Stargate: Continuum Joel Goldsmith
Stargate: The Ark of Truth Joel Goldsmith
Heart of Pandaria Russell Brower, Neal Acree, Sam Cardon, Edo Guidotti, Jeremy Soule & Derek Duke 7:57
Serpent Riders Jeremy Soule 2:33
Why Do We Fight? Neal Acree 3:43
Déjà vu choir vocals Keiki Kobayashi 3:31
Driven choir vocals Keiki Kobayashi 2:36
Illumination choir vocals Globus 5:44
La Coronacion choir vocals Globus 4:18
Madre Terra choir vocals Globus 4:12
Mrs. Krista Yoslav choir vocals Keiki Kobayashi 3:32
Orchard of Mines choir vocals Globus 5:08
Pipeline choir vocals Norihiko Hibino 4:27
Preliator choir vocals Globus 4:28
Release choir vocals Keiki Kobayashi 5:30
Spiritus Khayyam choir vocals Globus 5:12