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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Antichrist Superstar Bloodcage 3:47
Bloodline Bloodcage 3:59
Bloodline (part of a “Harmony of Hardcore: 10 Years of the Ultimate Hardcore Feeling” DJ-mix) Bloodcage 2:44
Cagefight Bloodcage 3:57
Intricate Bodyshock with Bloodcage 4:57
Martyr Bloodcage 4:12
Paradise Bloodcage 1:35
Reject Bloodcage 2:11
Sacrilege Bloodcage 3:39
Strangers Empire Bloodcage 1:15
Strangle & Mutilate Bloodcage 3:13
Strangle and Mutilate Bloodcage 5:56
Strangle and Mutilate Bloodcage 3:55
Strangle and Mutilate Bloodcage 3:30
Stress Bloodcage 4:00
Stress Bloodcage 3:40
Stress Bloodcage 2:15
Stress Bloodcage 4:04
Stress (part of a “Kutski Presents the Hardest Records in the World 2” DJ-mix) Bloodcage 3:10
The Road to Fame Bloodcage 4:05

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