Manna (Finnish female vocalist)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Battleships Manna FI7MJ1100011 3:53
Battleships (video) Manna 3:52
Battleships (single version) Manna 3:54
Black and Blue Manna FIKHY0700036 4:21
Blackbird Manna 3:44
Cripple Woman’s Waltz Manna 4:54
Drumming Song Manna FI7MJ1100012 3:01
Eliza Manna FIKHY0700030 2:54
Ending and Leaving Manna FIKHY0700029 3:30
For Your Information Manna FIKHY0900085 4:03
Gimme Water Manna FIKHY0900089 3:25
Heartbeat I Manna 4:44
Heartbeat II Manna 5:09
Holy Dirty Game Manna FIKHY0900082 3:17
I Gave In Manna FIKHY0700033 3:29
In the Book of Love Manna FIKHY0700037 4:36
It Only Hurts for a While Manna FIKHY0900083 3:46
Just for Tonight Manna feat. Ville Valo FIKHY0700031 3:58
Lead Me Manna FI7MJ1100004 3:48
Lead Me (video) Manna 4:03
Lead Me (single version) Manna 3:51
Lost Manna FIKHY0700032 4:57
Mobile Manna 4:33
Olivia's Song Manna FIKHY0900090 2:49
Reform / Outro Manna 1:37
Rollercoaster Manna FIKHY0900088 3:21
Sad Little Bird Manna FIKHY0900087 3:20
Shackles Manna FI7MJ1100005 3:39
Shackles (video) Manna 3:38
She Moves Manna FIKHY0900084 3:34
Silent Manna FI7MJ1100007 3:54
Sing for You Manna FIKHY0700034 3:30
Sing for You Manna 3:29
Sister Manna 3:58
Sister Manna FIKHY0700035 4:02
Sister Manna 4:01
Some Girls / Some Boys Manna 3:37
Some Girls / Some Boys (Downtown remix) Manna 5:23
Some Girls Some Boys Manna FIKHY0900086 3:42
Some Girls, Some Boys Manna 3:41
Some Girls, Some Boys Manna 3:42
Soul to Keep Manna FI7MJ1100008 4:11
Stars Manna FIKHY0700028 3:06
Stars Manna 3:07
Take It or Leave It Manna FI7MJ1100010 3:14
Troublebirds Manna 3:54
Truth Song Manna FIKHY0900081 2:55
Truth Song Manna 2:55
Unilintu Manna FI7MJ1100013 1:54
Väsyneet maan Manna 3:18
Winter’s Song Manna 3:41
Wishing Well Manna FI7MJ1100003 4:14
World Within You Manna FI7MJ1100009 4:08
Your Brittle Bones Are Meant to Shake Manna 3:55

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