David Salo

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Date Title
“For Frodo”
A Coronal of Silver and Gold
A Moth in Isengard (Nature’s Reclamation)
Andúril - Flame of the West
Bilbo’s Song
Black Speech Ring-Verse
Death of a King
Durin’s Song
Footsteps of Doom
Galadriel’s Song
Gandalf at the Door to Moria
Gilraen’s Song
Helm’s Deep
Hymn to Elbereth
Isengard Unleashed
Lament for Gandalf (chorus text)
Lament for Gandalf
Mount Doom
On the Fields of Pelennor
The Argument
The Balrog
The Blade That Was Broken
The Call
The Crack of Doom
The Death of Boromir
The Death of Boromir, Part One
The Death of Boromir, Part Two
The Dimholt Road
The Eagles
The End of All Things
The Evening Star
The Fellowship Reunited
The Funeral of Théodred
The Grace of the Valar
The King
The Last Son
The Mearas
The Missing
The Nazgûl
The Passing of the Elves
The Prophecy
The Retreat From Osgiliath
The Revelation of the Ringwraiths
The Sacrifice of Faramir
The Seduction of the Ring
The Song of Lúthien
The Way Is Shut
The White Rider