Richard Youngs (UK experimental musician)

~ Person

Also performs as: The Creation Room, Youngsie



1990AdventRichard Youngs4
1992CeaucescuSimon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs1
1992New Angloid SoundRichard Youngs2
1994FestivalRichard Youngs1
1996RadiosBrian Lavelle & Richard Youngs1
1996Radios 2Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs1
1997Radios 345Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs1
1997Veil (For Greg)Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs1
1998House MusicRichard Youngs2
1998Pulse of the RoosterSimon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs2
1998SapphieRichard Youngs3
2000Radios 6Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs1
2000Radios 7Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs1
2000Radios 8Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs1
2001Making PaperRichard Youngs1
2001Makoto Kawabata & Richard YoungsMakoto Kawabata & Richard Youngs2
2002MayRichard Youngs1
2003Airs of the EarRichard Youngs1
2004River Through Howling SkyRichard Youngs1
2004OurselvesRichard Youngs & Alexander Neilson1
2005Beating StarsAlex Neilson & Richard Youngs1
2005The Naive ShamanRichard Youngs2
2005Garden of StonesRichard Youngs1
2005Mauve DawnAndrew Paine & Richard Youngs1
2005Nova Scotia BreakoutRichard Youngs1
2005Summer WandererRichard Youngs3
2006[untitled]Richard Youngs1
20065 YearsRichard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith2
2006Belsayer TimeNeilson, Youngs & Galbraith1
2006Multi-Tracked ShakuhachiRichard Youngs1
2007Electric LotusAlex Neilson & Richard Youngs3
2007Autumn ResponseRichard Youngs2
200720th Century JamsRichard Youngs1
200721st Century JamsRichard Youngs1
2007Richard Youngs & Tirath Singh NirmalaRichard Youngs & Tirath Singh Nirmala1
2008Three Handed StarRichard Youngs1
2009Under Stellar StreamRichard Youngs1
2009Beyond the Valley of UltrahitsRichard Youngs1
2009Like a NeuronRichard Youngs1
2010InceptorRichard Youngs1
2011Atlas Of HeartsRichard Youngs1
2011Amplifying HostRichard Youngs1
2011Long White CloudRichard Youngs1
2012AmaranthineRichard Youngs1
2012Core to the BraveRichard Youngs1
2012RurtainRichard Youngs1
2012StormcrashRichard Youngs2
2013Barbed Wire Explosion in the Kingdom of AtlantisRichard Youngs1
2013Summer Through My MindRichard Youngs2
2013Regions Of The Old SchoolRichard Youngs1
2013Calmont BreakdownRichard Youngs1
2013South VoyagerRichard Youngs1
2013No Retreat in ComfortRichard Youngs1
2014SpoolRichard Youngs1
2014Primary Concrete AttackRichard Youngs1
2014Red Alphabet in the SnowRichard Youngs1
2015Unicorns EverywhereRichard Youngs1
2015Inside the FutureRichard Youngs2
2016Hertfordshire RetreatRichard Youngs1
2016HydroRichard Youngs1
2016Boredom of Poetry I & IIRichard Youngs1
2016Minor KingdomRichard Youngs1
2016DreichmassRichard Youngs1
2016Music for HarmonicaRichard Youngs1
2016Journey to the Centre of a New DimensionRichard Youngs1
2016The Rest Is SceneryRichard Youngs1
2017Foot GuitarRichard Youngs1
2017Foot Guitar Vol. 2Richard Youngs1
2017Foot Guitar Vol. 3Richard Youngs1
2017LAmmERGEIERRichard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith1
2017Foot Guitar Vol. 4Richard Youngs1
2017Foot Guitar Vol. 5Richard Youngs1
2017Metallic SonatasRichard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith1
2017This Is Not a LamentRichard Youngs1
2017Six ScoresNeil Campbell & Richard Youngs1
2018BeliefRichard Youngs1
201820 Years/SMIRR/Songphase/LIVE!!!!Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith1
2018Foot Guitar Vol. 6Richard Youngs1
2018Six Panels for the DissolutionRichard Youngs1
2018ArrowRichard Youngs1
2018Partick RaindanceRichard Youngs & Alex Neilson1
2018Fierce Years Etc.Richard Youngs1
2018GeorgiansRichard Youngs & Stephen Todd1
2018Foot Guitar Vol. 7Richard Youngs1
2019Onder/Stroomde Waard / Nÿland / Youngs1
2019DissidentRichard Youngs2
2019VerseRichard Youngs1
2019Foot SongsRichard Youngs1
2019Foot BandRichard Youngs1
2019New World MemoryRichard Youngs1
2019All Hands Around the MomentRichard Youngs & Raül Refree3
2020VistasRichard Youngs1
2020Freak On!Sunroof!/Richard Youngs/Vibracathedral Orchestra1
2020Ein Klein NeinRichard Youngs1
2020Outwith/In the WindRichard Youngs1
2020IndifferenceRichard Youngs1
2021Solo GuitarRichard Youngs1
2021CXXIRichard Youngs1
2022Made Upon Us - Ages of Then and NowRichard Youngs1

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