Anette Olzon

~ Person


member of: Alyson Avenue (1999 – 2005)
Nightwish (Finnish symphonic metal) (lead vocals) (2007 – 2012-10-01)
original member of: The Dark Element (lead vocals) (2017 –)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Follow Me
7 Days to the Wolves lead vocals Nightwish 7:04
Amaranth (remastered) lead vocals Nightwish 3:58
Amaranth lead vocals Nightwish 3:51
Bye Bye Beautiful lead vocals Nightwish 4:15
Cadence of Her Last Breath lead vocals Nightwish 4:15
Cathedral Walls guest Swallow the Sun 6:54
Eva lead vocals Nightwish 4:26
Falling Anette Olzon 4:30
Feed Us additional and guest Pain 4:15
Floating Anette Olzon 3:07
Follow Me additional and guest Pain 4:17
Follow Me (radio mix - Anette vox only) guest Pain 4:16
For the Heart I Once Had lead vocals Nightwish 3:56
Ghost River Nightwish 5:28
Hear Me Anette Olzon 3:04
Heart Full of Fire guest and lead vocals Brother Firetribe 4:10
Heart Full of Fire (live) guest and lead vocals Brother Firetribe 4:49
I Want My Tears Back Nightwish 5:08
I Want My Tears Back (remastered) lead vocals Nightwish 5:11
Invincible Anette Olzon 3:17
Last Ride of the Day Nightwish 4:31
Lie to Me Secret Sphere 3:52
Lies Anette Olzon 5:01
Like a Show Inside My Head Anette Olzon 3:38
Meadows of Heaven lead vocals Nightwish 7:10
Moving Away Anette Olzon 4:56
October & April guest The Rasmus feat. Anette Olzon 3:53
One Million Faces Anette Olzon 2:53
Rest Calm Nightwish 7:02
Sahara lead vocals Nightwish 5:47
Scaretale Nightwish 7:32
Shine Anette Olzon 3:29
Slow, Love, Slow Nightwish 5:50
Song of Myself: 1. From a Dusty Bookshelf / 2. All That Great Heart Lying Still / 3. Piano Black / 4. Love Nightwish 13:37
Storytime Nightwish 5:22
Storytime (remastered) lead vocals Nightwish 5:31
The Crow, the Owl and the Dove Nightwish 4:10
The Poet and the Pendulum lead vocals Nightwish 13:55
The Sixth Dimension guest and lead vocals Power Quest 8:40
Turn Loose the Mermaids Nightwish 4:20
Watching Me From Afar Anette Olzon 4:13
Whoever Brings the Night lead vocals Nightwish 4:18
1999 – 2005 Omega Alyson Avenue
1999 – 2005 Presence of Mind Alyson Avenue
Hear Me
Like a Show Inside My Head
Moving Away
One Million Faces
Watching Me From Afar