Oasis (English rock band (1991–2009))

~ Group


members: Chris Sharrock
Liam Gallagher (English musician, lead singer of Oasis) (1991 –)
Tony McCarroll (1991 – 1995)
Paul Arthurs (1991 – 1999)
Paul McGuigan (1991 – 1999)
Noel Gallagher (1991 – 2009-08-28)
Alan White (Oasis drummer) (1995 – 2003)
Gem Archer (1999 –)
Andy Bell (member of Ride and Oasis) (1999 –)
Zak Starkey (2005 –)
supporting artists: Steve White (Style Council drummer)
founded: Big Brother Recordings (2000)
signed by: Creation Records
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Date Title Artist Length
(Probably) All in the Mind Oasis 4:02
A Quick Peep Oasis 1:17
Better Man / The Cage Oasis 38:03
Born on a Different Cloud Oasis 6:09
Bring It On Down Oasis 4:18
Cigarettes & Alcohol Oasis 4:49
Cigarettes and Alcohol Oasis 4:50
Columbia Oasis 6:17
Digsy’s Dinner Oasis 2:32
Force of Nature Oasis 4:52
Hung in a Bad Place Oasis 3:29
Idler’s Dream Oasis 2:58
Just Getting Older Oasis 3:18
Little by Little Oasis 4:53
Live Forever Oasis 4:37
Married With Children Oasis 3:13
Rock ’n’ Roll Star Oasis 5:23
Shakermaker Oasis 5:08
She Is Love Oasis 3:09
Songbird Oasis 2:08
Stop Crying Your Heart Out Oasis 5:03
Supersonic Oasis 4:44
Take Me Away Oasis 4:31
The Hindu Times Oasis 3:46
The Hindu Times Oasis 3:53
Up in the Sky Oasis 4:29
Definitely Maybe Oasis
Definitely Maybe Oasis
Definitely Maybe Oasis
Definitely Maybe Oasis
Definitely Maybe Oasis
Heathen Chemistry Oasis
Heathen Chemistry Oasis
Heathen Chemistry Oasis
Heathen Chemistry Oasis
Heathen Chemistry Oasis
An Electro Tribute to Oasis Canal Pop feat. Lara Sambert
Decadence & Vanity: The String Quartet Tribute to Oasis Vitamin String Quartet
Plays the Music of Oasis Royal Philharmonic Orchestra