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Champion Sound ClashDubmatixCD147 Arts
Champion Sound ClashDubmatixCD15Soul Stepper Sound0004678681337250
Atomic SubsonicDubmatixCD12SIR 060826596034027
Renegade RockerDubmatixCD18Echo BeachEB0704047179207126
PowerFreddy Locks meets DubmatixDigital Media77 Arts
Honourable & DevineDubmatix meets Fitta Warri & Aldubb7" Vinyl2Irie Ites RecordsIIM003
Renegade Remixes, Volume 1Dubmatix meets Nate WizeDigital Media10
The Berlin SessionsAldubb, Dubmatix & Mighty HowardDigital Media6Renegade Recordings
System ShakedownDubmatixCD13Renegade Rocker
Presents Clash of the Titans: The System Shakedown RemixesDubmatixDigital Media19
Rebel MassiveDubmatixCD12[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)
In DubDubmatixCD13Echo Beach
A Ska Tribute: The White Stripes Meets the Sex PistolsDubmatix feat. Prince BlancoDigital Media2Renegade Media
Sovereign DubDubmatixDigital Media1Renegade Media
The French SessionsDubmatixDigital Media12
The French SessionsDubmatixDigital Media11
OverdubbedSly & Robbie meet DubmatixDigital Media17Echo Beach
King Size Dub SpecialDubmatixDigital Media22Echo Beach
Two SidesDubmatix meets SKG's Dub AllianceDigital Media1
Exo Fam Remixed by DubmatixDubmatixDigital Media5Original Dub Gathering (France based dub music netlabel)ODGP252
The French SessionsDubmatixCD11Soulbeats RecordsSBR0773149028073126

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