Born: Alger Alexander, Jewett, Texas, USA?
Died: Houston, Texas, USA?
Active: 20s-30s
Instruments: Voice


A very interesting blues singer, Alexander recorded a lot during the late 20s, early 30s era, including for Vocalion and Okeh.

The last part of his life has been subject to controversy (being reported as dead in 1935), he aparently murdered his wife in 1939 and only went back to music episodically after his release.

Discography Highlights

Corn Bread Blues, Long Lonesome Day Blues (1927), Blue Devil Blues, Penitentiary Moan Blues, Boe Hog Blues, Bell Cow Blues, Frisco Train Blues, Work Ox Blues (1928) (with Lonnie Johnson).

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Album + Compilation

199998 Degrees BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
2007Complete Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 1: 11 August 1927 to 15 November 1928Texas Alexander1
2007Complete Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 2: 16 November 1928 to 9 June 1930Texas Alexander1
2007Complete Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 3: 9 June 1930 to 1950Texas Alexander1
2017Texas Alexander & His Circle 1927-1951Alger “Texas” Alexander1


1927Corn‐Bread Blues / Long Lonesome Day BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1927Farm Hand Blues / Range in My Kitchen BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1927Levee Camp Moan Blues / Section Gang BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1927Mama, I Heard You Brought It Right Back Home / Sabine River BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1928Bantam Rooster BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1928Blue Devil Blues / Penitentiary Moan BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1928Don’t You Wish Your Baby Was Built Up Like Mine? / Bell Cow BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1928Death Bed Blues / Mama’s Bad Luck ChildAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1928Evil Woman Blues / St. Louis Fair BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1928Frisco Train Blues / Work Ox BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1928I Am Calling Blues / Yellow Girl BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1928No More Women Blues / Sittin’ on a LogAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1928Tell Me Woman Blues / The Risin’ SunAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1929Awful Moaning BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1929Broken Yo Yo / When You Get to ThinkingAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1929Double Crossing Blues / Johnny Behrens BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1929Ninety‐Eight Degree Blues / Gold Tooth BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1929Peaceful Blues / Rolling Mill BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1929Someday, Baby, Your Troubles Is Gonna Be Like Mine / Texas SpecialAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1929Thirty Day Blues / Water Bound BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1934Deceitful Blues / One Morning BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1934Justice Blues / Easy Rider BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1934Katy Crossing Blues / Lonesome BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1
1934Lonesome Valley Blues / Good Feelin’ BluesAlger “Texas” Alexander1

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