Jacques Loussier performs classical works in a jazzy style. It is considered to be substantially modified enough so that the artist field should in most of the cases remain Jacques Loussier. The composer (Bach, Händel etc.) should be credited through Advanced Relationships.

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1959Play Bach No. 1Jacques Loussier4
1960Play Bach No. 2Jacques Loussier2
1961Play Bach No. 3Johann Sebastian Bach; Jacques Loussier3
1962Jacques Loussier joue Kurt WeilJacques Loussier1
1963Play Bach No. 4Johann Sebastian Bach & Jacques Loussier2
1964Basically BachJacques Loussier1
1965Play Bach No. 5Jacques Loussier2
1968You Only Love OnceJacques Loussier1
1978Play Bach, Volume 1–5Jacques Loussier1
1979PulsionJacques Loussier1
1981Pulsion / Sous La MerJacques Loussier1
1982Pagan MoonJacques Loussier1
1986Bach to the FutureJacques Loussier2
1987Reflections of BachJacques Loussier2
1990Lumières, Messe Baroque Du XXIe Siècle / MagnificatJacques Loussier1
1992Bach to BachJacques Loussier1
1992Concerto Pour Violon et Percussion / Tableaux Vénetiens / Concerto Pour TrompetteJacques Loussier; Pražský komorní orchestr, Jean‐Pierre Wallez, Guy Touvron & André Arpino1
1993Play Bach 93 : Les nouveaux thèmesJacques Loussier1
1993Play Bach 93 - Les Plus Grands ThèmesJacques Loussier1
1994Play Bach aujourd'hui : Les thèmes en RéBach; Jacques Loussier1
1995Play Bach aux Champs-ÉlyséesJacques Loussier1
1995Play Bach 2000Jacques Loussier1
1996Messe Baroque Du 21 SiecleJacques Loussier2
1996Plays BachJacques Loussier1
2004Impressions on Chopin's NocturnesJacques Loussier2
2009Jacques Loussier Plays BachJacques Loussier1
2013Four Classic AlbumsJacques Loussier1
2014Concerto No. 1 for Violin and Percussion; Concerto No. 2 for Violin and Tabla; Sonata for Violin and PianoJacques Loussier, Ignacy Jan Paderewski; Adam Kostecki, Piotr Iwicki, Gunther Hauer. Polish Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra1
Ein PortraitJacques Loussier1
Moyen AgeG. Delerue / J. Loussier1

Album + Compilation

1985The Best of Play BachJohann Sebastian Bach; Jacques Loussier2
1993The Best of BachJacques Loussier1
1998Playing Our SongsDave Brubeck, George Shearing, Ahmad Jamal, Jacques Loussier1
1999The Very Best of Jacques Loussier: Air on a ´G´ StringJacques Loussier1
2000The Very Best of Play BachJacques Loussier1
2002Play BachJacques Loussier1
2007Plays Bach Encore!Jacques Loussier1
2009Play Bach HighlightsJacques Loussier1
Play BachJacques Loussier1
The Best of Play BachJacques Loussier1
The Best of Play BachJacques Loussier1

Album + Soundtrack

1964Les Pas PerdusJacques Loussier1
1968Dark of the SunJacques Loussier3
1968Tu seras terriblement gentilleJacques Loussier1
1994Play Bach TodayJacques Loussier1

Album + Live

1999Air on a G StringJacques Loussier1


1968Engelchen / Femme, femmeJacques Loussier1


1965FoncouverteJacques Loussier1

EP + Soundtrack

1967Jeu de massacreThe Alan Bown Set / Jacques Loussier1

Other + Interview

Jacques Loussier on Jacques LoussierJacques Loussier1

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