legal name: Claus Larsen (Danish industrial musician, Leæther Strip)
has catalogue: Yes, I'm Limited (Leæther Strip compilation albums)
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Date Title Artist Length
2009 Hærværk Leæther Strip
phonographic copyright
2009 Hærværk Leæther Strip
Under My Control Leæther Strip 4:25
0.Killed (Leæther Strip remix) Tamtrum 5:47
Adult Fiction (Leæther Strip extended mix) Marc Heal 7:12
Adult Fiction (Leæther Strip remix) Marc Heal 6:01
Always a Flame (Leæther Strip mix) Gene Loves Jezebel 5:00
Are 'Friends' Electric? (Leæther Strip mix) Gary Numan 4:59
Are 'Friends' Electric? (Leæther Strip remix) (DJ-mixed by Keoki) Gary Numan 2:08
Ass Rider (Leæther Strip remix) Tamtrum 5:02
Citadel (remix by Leæther Strip) Neonsol 5:37
Clown (Leæther Strip mix) Switchblade Symphony 5:49
Crush (Leæther Strip remix) FGFC820 5:24
Death by Discothèque (Leæther Strip remix) Disjecta Membra 5:28
Every Day Is Halloween (Leæther Strip remix) Ministry 4:46
Exkommuniziert (Leæther Strip remix) NordarR 6:06
Forgotten Tears (Leæther Strip remix) Hocico 5:18
Goldfinger (Leætherstrip remix) Die Krupps 5:45
Goodbye (Leæther Strip remix) Mommy Hurt My Head 5:52
Graograman (Leæther Strip remix) KiEw 4:42
Guardian Curtains (Leæther Strip remix) Forgotten Sunrise 5:17
Hate Me (Leæther Strip remix) Suicide Commando 4:37
Headhunter 2000 (Leæther Strip mix) Front 242 5:39
Here Comes the Rain (Leæther Strip remix) Twice a Man 5:55
Hybrid Moments (Leæther Strip remix) Helalyn Flowers 5:12
I Think ov Me When I Touch Yourself (Leæther Strip remix) Tamtrum 5:29
In Your Eyes (Leæther Strip remix) Cryo 5:20
Incubus (Leæther Strip remix) The Electric Hellfire Club 4:55
Injustice (Leæther Strip remix) Lights of Euphoria 4:55
Les enfants de Dieu (Leæther Strip remix) Tamtrum 5:17
Like a Prayer (Leæther Strip remix) amGod 5:41
Lord Knows I Tried (Leæther Strip remix) Implant 5:55
Milky Boy (Leæther Strip remix) Tamtrum 4:35
Nasty Habit (Leæther Strip remix) Project Pitchfork 6:15
Nightmare (Leæther Strip remix) Dead Musician 4:31
Nightmares (Leæther Strip mix) Thee Flanders feat. Marcus Meyn 4:47
No More War (Leæther Strip Remix) Bronski Beat 5:25
Once You Say (Leæther Strip mix) Nitzer Ebb 5:55
Orbiting (Leæther Strip remix) Mnemic 4:48
Point of View (Leæther Strip remix) Solitary Experiments 5:40
Rage (Leæther Strip remix) N3VOA 5:59
Rudolf Wolzek (Leæther Strip mix) :wumpscut: 6:04
Seek & Destroy (Leæther Strip remix) N3VOA 5:25
Sons of the System (Leæther Strip remix) Mnemic 4:00
Steam On (Leæther Strip remix) ManMindMachine 6:03
Stronger Than Before (Leæther Strip remix) for all the emptiness 4:47
Stronger Than Cats (Leæther Strip remix) Tamtrum 5:33
Subjection (Violent mix by Leæther Strip) Lights of Euphoria 5:01
The Business (Leæther Strip remix) XMH 5:06
The Shepherd's Deathline (Moon Over Red Sky's mix) Aïboforcen 5:10
The Shepherds Deathline (Moon Over Red Sky's mix by Leæther Strip) Aïboforcen 5:10
Tomorrow Never Comes (Leæther Strip remix) VNV Nation 6:40
Video of Slaughter (Leaether Strip remix) Bells Into Machines 3:40
Ways to Dance (Leæther Strip remix) Kite 5:10
Adrenalin Rush: A Tribute to Leæther Strip Various Artists