Leæther Strip (Danish EBM / industrial music project)

~ Person

Performance name of: Claus Larsen (Danish industrial musician, Leæther Strip)

Also performs as: Klutæ (Industrial side-project of Leæther Strip aka Claus Larsen)



2013Teenage DemosLeæther Strip1


1990Science for the Satanic CitizenLeæther Strip44
1990The Pleasure of PenetrationLeæther Strip3
1992Solitary ConfinementLeæther Strip34
1993Underneath the LaughterLeæther Strip3
1994Serenade for the DeadLeæther Strip3
1995Legacy of Hate and LustLeæther Strip2
1996The Rebirth of AgonyLeæther Strip2
1997Self-InflictedLeæther Strip42
2006After the DevastationLeæther Strip2
2007The Giant Minutes to the DawnLeæther Strip3
2008Civil DisobedienceLeæther Strip2
2008One Nine Eight TwoLeæther Strip1
2009ÆngelmakerLeæther Strip2
2010Mental SlaveryLeæther Strip3
2010Dark Passages / Seasons Change - I Don'tLeæther Strip1
2011Untold Stories: The Melancholic SessionsLeæther Strip4
2013Serenade for the Dead IILeæther Strip2
2014ÆscapismLeæther Strip1
2014ÆppreciationLeæther Strip2
2015Mann Der ArbeitRhesus Factor feat. Leæther Strip2
2016Reptile Man Drop: A Tribute to Simple MindsLeæther Strip1
2016SpæctatorLeæther Strip3
2017ÆDM: My Depeche Mode CoversLeæther Strip1
201750Leæther Strip1
2017Æppreciation IILeæther Strip1
2017ÆDMLeæther Strip1
2018The HourglassLeæther Strip2
2018World MolæsterLeæther Strip2
2018Æppreciation III - Deutsche WælleLeæther Strip1
2020Æppreciation IVLeæther Strip2
2020Throwing Bones (A Tribute to Skinny Puppy)Leæther Strip1
2020Throwing Bones: A Tribute to Skinny PuppyLeæther Strip1
2021ÆDM IILeæther Strip2
2021Back to IndustryLeæther Strip2
2021Æppreciation VLeæther Strip3
2021Throwing Bones II (A Tribute To Skinny Puppy)Leæther Strip3
2021Wound: A Tribute to GodfleshLeæther Strip2
2022The Other Man: A Front 242 TributeLeæther Strip1
2023Last StationLeæther Strip2
2023Aeppreciation VILeæther Strip1

Album + Compilation

1992Penetrate the Satanic CitizenLeæther Strip1
1993Fit for FloggingLeæther Strip31
1995Double or NothingLeæther Strip1
1995Getting Away With Murder: Murders From 1982 to 1995Leæther Strip1
1996Best of Leæther StripLeæther Strip1
1997RetrospectiveLeæther Strip2
1997Yes, I'm Limited, Volume IILeæther Strip2
1998Yes, I'm Limited, Volume IIILeæther Strip32
2005Satanic Reasons: The Very Best OfLeæther Strip1
2009Yes I'm Limited IVLeæther Strip1
2009Yes I'm Limited VLeæther Strip1
2013Yes I'm Limited, Volume VILeæther Strip1
2017Yes I'm Limited VIIILeæther Strip1
201750 + ÆDM: My Depeche Mode CoversLeæther Strip1
2020The Zoth Ommog Years 1989 - 1999Leæther Strip1

Album + Remix

2009HærværkLeæther Strip2
2009It's Who I AmLeæther Strip3
2015Mann der Arbeit: The Remixes, Volume 1Rhesus Factor feat. Leæther Strip1
2015Mann der Arbeit: The Remixes, Volume 2Rhesus Factor feat. Leæther Strip1
2017White as Chalk: The RemixesLeæther Strip1
2018ÆftershockLeæther Strip1


1989Japanese BodiesLeæther Strip1
2000Carry MeLeæther Strip2
2006Frank Tovey Taught Me Things (Free for All remix)Leæther Strip1
2011Sex DwarfLeæther Strip2
2012In Broken Homes / Paranoia Nr. 13Leæther Strip1
2013In My Room (Yazoo - Yaz cover version)Leæther Strip1
2013Back to nature (Fad Gadget cover)Leæther Strip1
2013Bang Bang (Cher cover)Leæther Strip1
2013HeavenLeæther Strip1
201416 TonsLeæther Strip1
2014DirtLeæther Strip1
2015Such a Shame / Hate (Talk Talk Revisited)Leæther Strip1
2015Nothing’s ImpossibleLeæther Strip1
2015AnyoneLeæther Strip2
2016Here Comes the Rain AgainLeæther Strip1
2016Black Leather (Klinik Cover)Leæther Strip1
2016POP MUZIKLeæther Strip1
2016Don't Crash (Front 242 cover)Leæther Strip1
2016Deep Down Trauma Hounds (Skinny Puppy cover)Leæther Strip1
2016Nowhere Boy (B-Movie cover)Leæther Strip1
2016Black Celebration (Seduced edit): Depeche Mode CoverLeæther Strip1
2016Pleasure Boys (æxtended version)Leæther Strip1
2016Shore Lined Poison (Skinny Puppy cover)Leæther Strip1
2017Where's the RevolutionLeæther Strip1
2017No More (This Is the Last Time)Leæther Strip1
2017Oxygen IILeæther Strip1
2018Yes Sir!Blind Passenger feat. Leæther Strip1
2018Telephone Operator (Pete Shelley cover) R.I.PLeæther Strip1
2019Strawberry Lips (Digital Anodyne remix)Leæther Strip1
2019Blood (Storm 22 cover)Leæther Strip1
2019The Chauffeur (Duran Duran cover)Leæther Strip1
2019And Then.... (Depeche Mode cover)Leæther Strip1
2019The Prince of Darkness Theme (John Carpenter cover version)Leæther Strip1
2019Santa Claus Is Coming to TownLeæther Strip1
2020FireLeæther Strip vs. Mildreda1
2020A Heart So Divine (Dan Armstrong Tranquil mix)Leæther Strip vs Nature of Wires1
2020A Heart So DivineLeæther Strip vs. Nature of Wires1
2020Twist in My Sobriety (Tanita Tikaram cover version)Leæther Strip1

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