Die Form (French industrial/fetish band)

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1978Die Form 1Die Form1
1982Die Puppe (original)Die Form3
1982Final EditionCamera Obscura & Die Form1
1982Fine AutomatiC & Die FormFine AutomatiC & Die Form1
1982Le Plomb Des Cartes / La Loge InfernaleDie Form1
1983ExcisionsDie Form1
1984Messe BasseDie Form1
1984Pôle Sud / Red ActionKosa / Die Form1
1985Du Coeur HumainDie Form1
1985ORGASMechanismFine AutomatiC & Die Form1
1986Die Form 2 / Virgin FlavourDie Form1
1986FetishDie Form1
1986X-ActionDie Form1
1987Es Lebe Der TodDie Form1
1987Poupée MécaniqueDie Form3
1988Archives and DokümentsDie Form4
1989Die PuppeDie Form4
1989Flexible Music Vol. 1Die Form & DZ Lectric1
1989PhotogrammesDie Form5
1989Some Experiences With ShockDie Form4
1991Corpus delictiDie Form4
1992ConfessionsDie Form53
1993Ad infinitumDie Form4
1994Rose au cœur violetDie Form1
1994Suspiria de ProfundisDie Form5
1995L'âme électriqueDie Form45
1997DualityDie Form3
2000ExtremumDie Form2
2004InHumanDie Form3
2006ExHumanDie Form44
2008Bach ProjectDie Form3
2009Noir magnétiqueDie Form2
2014Rayon XDie Form3
2015Cinema ObscuraDie Form ÷ Musique Concrète1
2016Die Form ÷ HurtDie Form2
2017Baroque EquinoxDie Form2
2017Fine Automatic & Die FormDie Form + Fine AutomatiC1
2020BACTERIUMDie Form1
2020UKIYODie Form1
2021Mental CameraDie Form4

Album + Compilation

1996Vicious Circles: The Best of Die FormDie Form1
1998HistoriesDie Form4
1998Limited Documents Vol.1Die Form1
2001AktDie Form2
2008Best of XXXDie Form12
2010Chronology - The Bain Total Years 1.977-1.985Die Form1
2016ZooDie Form1

Album + Remix

1994Silent Order: Re-VersionsDie Form1


1978Zoophilic LolitaEva-Johanna Reichstag \ Die Form1
1984Heart of the MonsterDie Form1
1986Slow LoveDie Form1
1988Poupée MécaniqueDie Form2
1989After The Last GazeDie Form1
1989Teufel Im LeibeDie Form1
1990Savage LogicDie Form1
1996Phenomena of VisitationDie Form1
1998The Hidden Cage / SpiralDie Form1
1999Automatic Love / AnitaDie Form / The Nuns1
1999Rain of BloodDie Form1
2000Deep InsideDie Form1
2003ZoopsiaDie Form1
2008Her[t]z FrequenzDie Form1
2014SchaulustDie Form2
2017Psychic PoisonDie Form1


1981Le Grand Prique / Situation Base / Gestual EquivoqueMetabolist / Die Form1
1993Tears of ErosDie Form1

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