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Archie Shepp Quintet (bass)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1981-02-11 – 1981-02-12’Round Midnightdouble bassArchie Shepp12:09
1981-02-11 – 1981-02-12’Round MidnightbassArchie Shepp12:09
1981-02-11 – 1981-02-12Giant Stepsdouble bassArchie Shepp8:04
1981-02-11 – 1981-02-12Giant StepsbassArchie Shepp8:04
1981-02-11 – 1981-02-12I Know About the LifebassArchie Shepp13:49
1981-02-11 – 1981-02-12I Know About the Lifedouble bassArchie Shepp13:49
1981-02-11 – 1981-02-12Well You Needn’tdouble bassArchie Shepp8:46
1981-02-11 – 1981-02-12Well You Needn’tbassArchie Shepp8:46
1981-11-03Blues for BechetbassArchie Shepp6:29
1981-11-03My ManbassArchie Shepp4:13
1981-11-03Passport to ParadisebassArchie Shepp10:03
1981-11-03Petite FleurbassArchie Shepp13:30
1981-11-03Premier BalbassArchie Shepp10:45
1986-11-04 – 1986-11-05Bye Bye Blackbird ~ That Old Black MagicSanti Wilson DebrianobassMilli Vernon3:44
1986-11-04 – 1986-11-05Easy LivingSanti Wilson DebrianobassMilli Vernon6:46
1986-11-04 – 1986-11-05Get Out of TownSanti Wilson DebrianobassMilli Vernon3:14
1986-11-04 – 1986-11-05It Never Entered My MindSanti Wilson DebrianobassMilli Vernon5:23
1986-11-04 – 1986-11-05Over the RainbowSanti Wilson DebrianobassMilli Vernon6:08
1986-11-04 – 1986-11-05Sophisticated LadySanti Wilson DebrianobassMilli Vernon6:41
1986-11-04 – 1986-11-05Street of DreamsSanti Wilson DebrianobassMilli Vernon5:05
1986-11-04 – 1986-11-05That Old FeelingSanti Wilson DebrianobassMilli Vernon4:53
1986-11-04 – 1986-11-05The Song Is YouSanti Wilson DebrianobassMilli Vernon3:06
1986-11-04 – 1986-11-05Wrap Your Troubles in DreamsSanti Wilson DebrianobassMilli Vernon2:55
1987-05-05 – 1987-06-13BrigittebassKirk Lightsey Trio Featuring Freddie Hubbard6:05
1987-05-05 – 1987-06-13EvidencebassKirk Lightsey Trio Featuring Freddie Hubbard7:24
1987-05-05 – 1987-06-13GibraltarbassKirk Lightsey Trio Featuring Freddie Hubbard10:31
1987-05-05 – 1987-06-13Love Is a Many-Splendored ThinbassKirk Lightsey Trio Featuring Freddie Hubbard8:14
1987-05-05 – 1987-06-13Society RedbassKirk Lightsey Trio Featuring Freddie Hubbard8:00
1987-05-05 – 1987-06-13TemptationbassKirk Lightsey Trio Featuring Freddie Hubbard11:08
1987-05'63 ImpalabassOliver Lake6:42
1987-05Brass and OakbassOliver Lake4:28
1987-05I Would Like TobassOliver Lake6:26
1987-05Lef' SidedbassOliver Lake7:44
1987-05We're in the MomentbassOliver Lake8:38
1987-05Yo' DancebassOliver Lake8:43
1990-11-18 – 1990-11-19Ballad for Frederickdouble bassBobby Battle with David Murray8:29
1990-11-18 – 1990-11-19I Mean Youdouble bassBobby Battle with David Murray7:29
1990-11-18 – 1990-11-19Jazz Laughterdouble bassBobby Battle with David Murray10:18
1990-11-18 – 1990-11-19Jitterbug Waltzdouble bassBobby Battle with David Murray9:17
1990-11-18 – 1990-11-19Offeringdouble bassBobby Battle with David Murray13:42
1990-11-18 – 1990-11-19To Wisdom the Prizedouble bassBobby Battle with David Murray10:10
1991-03-11 – 1991-03-12As Time Goes BybassGeorge Adams8:02
1991-03-11 – 1991-03-12Better Get Hit in Yo' SoulbassGeorge Adams7:55
1991-03-11 – 1991-03-12Just the Way You ArebassGeorge Adams6:32
1991-03-11 – 1991-03-12Melody for MonetbassGeorge Adams6:15
1991-03-11 – 1991-03-12TeamworkbassGeorge Adams7:27
1991-03-11 – 1991-03-12That Old FeelingbassGeorge Adams7:16
1991-03-11 – 1991-03-12The CrybassGeorge Adams7:50
1991-03-11 – 1991-03-12The WandererbassGeorge Adams8:49
1991-10-07Anti-CalypsobassDavid Murray Quartet10:08
1991-10-07Black and BlackbassDavid Murray Quartet10:48
1991-10-07CoolbassDavid Murray Quartet11:21
1991-10-07Duke's PlacebassDavid Murray Quartet11:05
1991-10-07Head OutbassDavid Murray Quartet12:44
1991-10-09Fables For FaubusbassOliver Lake Quartet10:27
1991-10-09Handful Of FivesbassOliver Lake Quartet9:41
1991-10-09Jest A LittlebassOliver Lake Quartet5:05
1991-10-09Jesus ChristbassOliver Lake Quartet4:55
1991-10-09Pop A WheeliebassOliver Lake Quartet8:51
1991-10-09ShedetudebassOliver Lake Quartet5:11
1991-10-09The ProphetbassOliver Lake Quartet8:39
1991-10-09Virtual Reality (Total Escapism)bassOliver Lake Quartet7:03
1991-10-19Body and SoulbassRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell5:38
1991-10-19CottontailbassRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell7:18
1991-10-19ImpressionsbassRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell10:12
1991-10-19Lester Leaps InbassRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell5:13
1991-10-19Parker's MoodbassRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell8:53
1991-10-19Red TopbassRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell8:31
1991-10-19St ThomasbassRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell10:23
1991-10-19You Don't Know What Love IsbassRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell7:43
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Ah George, We Hardly Knew YabassRoots12:15
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15I Remember Eric DolphybassRoots9:40
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Linden BoulevardbassRoots9:17
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Night TrainbassRoots6:01
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Requiem for a RabbitbassRoots7:13
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15StablematesbassRoots8:28
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Stolen MomentsbassRoots5:25
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15The Party's OverbassRoots6:41
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Walkin'bassRoots6:36
1993-01-27A Nightingale Sang at Berkeley SquarebassSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe4:25
1993-01-27ElaborationsbassSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe11:22
1993-01-27Get Out If You CanbassSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe7:44
1993-01-27HipnotismbassSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe9:36
1993-01-27Jitterbug WaltzbassSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe9:20
1993-01-27Our ThingbassSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe8:04
1993-01-27PortraitbassSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe7:04
1993-05-27 – 1993-05-29AmethystbassBilly Hart12:17
1993-05-27 – 1993-05-29AsylumbassBilly Hart12:07
1993-05-27 – 1993-05-29Dirty DogsbassBilly Hart10:26
1993-05-27 – 1993-05-29El JunquebassBilly Hart7:33
1993-05-27 – 1993-05-29IrahbassBilly Hart6:54
1993-05-27 – 1993-05-29King of HartsbassBilly Hart7:37
1993-05-27 – 1993-05-29MelanosbassBilly Hart10:11
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-27Ask Me NowbassSonny Fortune6:47
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-27PannonicabassSonny Fortune4:16
1994-05-16Ah, George, We Hardly Knew YabassChico Freeman Quintet Featuring Arthur Blythe9:57
1994-05-16Bemsha SwingbassChico Freeman Quintet Featuring Arthur Blythe7:47
1994-05-16BlackfootbassChico Freeman Quintet Featuring Arthur Blythe6:55
1994-05-16PeacemakerbassChico Freeman Quintet Featuring Arthur Blythe11:41
1994-05-16PlaypenbassChico Freeman Quintet Featuring Arthur Blythe8:25
1994-05-16Rhythm-A-NingbassChico Freeman Quintet Featuring Arthur Blythe8:11
1994-05-16To Hear a Tear, Drop in the RainbassChico Freeman Quintet Featuring Arthur Blythe8:05
1994-05B.L.U.bassWolfgang Lackerschmid5:48
1994-05One More LifebassWolfgang Lackerschmid8:08
1995-03-02BloomdidobassCharles McPherson5:54
1995-03-02Blues for CamillebassCharles McPherson7:14
1995-03-02Darn That DreambassCharles McPherson6:35
1995-03-02Fun HousebassCharles McPherson5:43
1995-03-02Get HappybassCharles McPherson4:43
1995-03-02Jumping JacksbassCharles McPherson7:13
1995-03-02Lonely Little ChimesbassCharles McPherson9:16
1995-03-02MarionettebassCharles McPherson6:51
1995-03-02Pretty Girl BluesbassCharles McPherson7:18
1995-07Akara - Moi Moidouble bassJorge Sylvester6:01
1995-07Colón - Bocas del Torodouble bassJorge Sylvester7:27
1995-07Dizzy Birddouble bassJorge Sylvester4:44
1995-07Ilusionesdouble bassJorge Sylvester8:12
1995-07Like a Twilightdouble bassJorge Sylvester6:58
1995-07Liladouble bassJorge Sylvester5:10
1995-07Linesdouble bassJorge Sylvester5:40
1995-07Resolution 88double bassJorge Sylvester8:23
1995-07Tokendouble bassJorge Sylvester7:35
1996-03-11 – 1996-03-12Come In out of the RainbassSonny Fortune10:21
1996-03-11 – 1996-03-12From Now OnbassSonny Fortune7:26
1996-03-11 – 1996-03-12Gift of LovebassSonny Fortune5:25
1996-03-11 – 1996-03-12Glue FingersbassSonny Fortune9:55
1996-03-11 – 1996-03-12On Second and FifthbassSonny Fortune5:26
1996-03-11 – 1996-03-12SuspensionbassSonny Fortune7:08
1996-03-11 – 1996-03-12This Side of InfinitybassSonny Fortune6:30
1996-03-11 – 1996-03-12ThoughtsbassSonny Fortune16:58
1996-08-29 – 1996-08-30Father Demo SquarebassBilly Hart8:13
1996-08-29 – 1996-08-30MindreaderbassBilly Hart10:49
1996-08-29 – 1996-08-30Oceans of TimebassBilly Hart9:30
1996-08-29 – 1996-08-30OfferingbassBilly Hart8:39
1996-08-29 – 1996-08-30One for CarterbassBilly Hart6:51
1996-08-29 – 1996-08-30ShadowbassBilly Hart7:11
1996-08-29 – 1996-08-30Teule's RedemptionbassBilly Hart12:03
1996-08-29 – 1996-08-30ToshbassBilly Hart8:38
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01Common GroundbassDavid Murray Quartet7:54
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01Easy AlicebassDavid Murray Quartet8:10
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01El MatadorbassDavid Murray Quartet4:32
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01GratitudebassDavid Murray Quartet7:52
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01Long GoodbyebassDavid Murray Quartet8:00
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01Out of a StormbassDavid Murray Quartet8:38
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01Resting on the RoadbassDavid Murray Quartet10:30
2003-02-24Angel Eyesdouble bassHelio Alves8:04
2003-02-24Falling Gracedouble bassHelio Alves6:29
2003-02-24Frenzydouble bassHelio Alves5:37
2003-02-24Loose Sambadouble bassHelio Alves5:12
2003-02-24Lorodouble bassHelio Alves5:50
2003-02-24Portrait in Black and Whitedouble bassHelio Alves5:59
2003-02-24Sambetinhodouble bassHelio Alves4:13
2003-02-24Song for Annadouble bassHelio Alves5:52
2003-02-24You Must Believe in Springdouble bassHelio Alves7:41
'63 ImpalabassOliver Lake6:42
After the MorningbassAttila Zoller, Larry Willis, Santi Debriano & Yoron Israel6:40
All BluesbassLarry Coryell7:43
Almost A WaltzbassLarry Coryell5:09
Alone TogetherbassLarry Coryell5:52
AlterationsbassAntoine Roney4:10
Baby ClementinebassThe Bob Thiele Collective8:00
Blues for LesliebassAntoine Roney5:44
Check Indouble bassThe Louis Hayes Quintet6:39
Dear Loudouble bassThe Louis Hayes Quintet7:32
Dream Surrealdouble bassThe Louis Hayes Quintet5:47
Ev'ry Time We Say GoodbyebassThe Bob Thiele Collective8:51
Fairfield County BluesbassLarry Coryell6:04
Hen and Hubdouble bassThe Louis Hayes Quintet6:21
Homage to O.P.bassAttila Zoller, Lee Konitz, Larry Willis, Santi Debriano, Yoron Israel6:49
Joy for JoybassAttila Zoller, Lee Konitz, Larry Willis, Santi Debriano, Yoron Israel6:58
Lef' SidedbassOliver Lake7:44
Louis SatchmobassThe Bob Thiele Collective4:16
Lu and ShubassAttila Zoller, Lee Konitz, Larry Willis, Santi Debriano, Yoron Israel8:16
Meant to BebassAttila Zoller, Lee Konitz, Santi Debriano, Yoron Israel5:32
My Old Flamedouble bassThe Louis Hayes Quintet6:31
My Shipdouble bassThe Louis Hayes Quintet9:58
NaimabassLarry Coryell6:12
Nice Guys Finish LastbassThe Bob Thiele Collective5:37
PassagewaybassAntoine Roney9:02
PatiencebassLarry Coryell7:16
Perambulationdouble bassThe Louis Hayes Quintet6:21
PurposebassAntoine Roney5:08
Reminiscing in TempobassThe Bob Thiele Collective5:17
Riodouble bassThe Louis Hayes Quintet5:15
SegmentbassThe Bob Thiele Collective5:50
Sovereign CourtbassThe Bob Thiele Collective4:06
Star Crossed LoversbassDavid Fiuczynski7:09
Star EyesbassLarry Coryell6:48
Stars & Stripes WheneverbassDavid Fiuczynski3:58
Teefdouble bassThe Louis Hayes Quintet6:50
The HymnbassAntoine Roney9:52
The Judge and the JurybassMilt Hinton6:53
The PantherbassRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell8:44
Trinkle TinklebassLarry Coryell5:35
Up Against The WallbassLarry Coryell6:27
VoyagebassAttila Zoller, Larry Willis, Santi Debriano & Yoron Israel8:03
We're in the MomentbassOliver Lake8:38
When It's TimebassAttila Zoller7:51
When It's TimebassAttila Zoller, Lee Konitz, Santi Debriano, Yoron Israel7:49
WhirlingbassAntoine Roney5:04
Young and FoolishbassThe Bob Thiele Collective7:30
1995-03-08 – 1995-03-09Sacred Common GroundbassDon Pullen
Black & BlackbassDavid Murray Quartet
Danilo PérezbassDanilo Pérez
Homelands EPdouble bassNitin Sawhney
Live at Ronnie Scott'sdouble bassChico Freeman
Tri07Joe Beck
A Nightingale Sang at Berkeley SquareSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe4:25
ElaborationsSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe11:22
Get Out If You CanSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe7:44
HipnotismSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe9:36
Jitterbug WaltzSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe9:20
Our ThingSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe8:04
PortraitSanti Debriano, Billy Hart, Arthur Blythe7:04