Passion Fodder

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
"My Body Betrays Me" She Said FRZ018902130 3:56
A Letter from '38 FRZ018900800 2:33
A Man is a Man FRZ018900840 5:27
A Man Is a Man FRZ018902100 5:02
And Bleed That River Dry FRZ019001640 7:04
And Bleed That River Dry FRZ019102380 6:29
Andalusian Zorro Song FRZ019001710 5:18
As You Dig Your Hole ?:??
As You Dig Your Hole FRZ018600900 2:23
Ballad for a Boy or a Girl FRZ019001660 6:51
Ballad of a Boy or a Girl FRZ019002770 6:41
Before Hit List FRUM78500056 1:32
Between Ten and Noon FRZ018900860 6:35
Big Fat Obstacle FRZ018501360 4:18
Blood Thicker Than Love FRZ018800740 5:50
Blood Thicker Than Love FRZ018800730 4:30
Blood Thicker Than Love FRZ018801380 5:23
Blood Thicker Than Love ?:??
Blood Thicker Than Love (version lente) FRZ018800740 5:50
Burn the Flag FRZ019001730 7:08
Coal FRUM78500053 5:48
Dirt ?:??
Dirt (French mix) FRZ018600890 5:10
Dirt (French version) FRZ018700810 4:25
God Couldn't Fight His Way Out of a Wet Brown Bag ?:??
God Couldn't Fight His Way Out of a Wet Brown Bag FRZ018600910 6:35
Happy New Year FRZ018900830 5:03
Hard Work ?:??
Heart Hunters ?:??
Heart Hunters FRZ018600460 6:40
Hit List ?:??
Holy Days FRZ019001720 5:23
Hunger Burns FRZ018800680 6:00
I Swear I'll See You Hung 4:28
I'd Sell My Soul to God FRZ018901930 5:50
In the Echo 3:20
In the Echo ?:??
In the Echo FRZ018600470 3:28
In the Moodswing ?:??
In the Moodswing FRZ018600480 5:03
In the Smooth FRUM78500055 3:47
Into the Beloved FRZ019001690 3:23
Kill Me Hannah FRZ018800670 3:40
Kill Me Hannah (Appalachian mix) FRZ018800180 5:24
La Valse de Pascal FRZ018800760 4:46
Le Chien et la Peau de vache (instrumental) FRZ018800750 3:32
Little Wolf FRZ018900810 4:55
Little Wolf FRZ018902120 4:39
Los cuatro generales FRZ018902110 4:35
Los Cuatro Generales FRZ018900850 5:22
Love Burns FRZ018901870 4:00
Lucybel Lee FRZ019001650 6:23
Lucybel Lee FRZ019002760 5:02
Lucybel Lee (edit) FRZ019002560 4:27
Luz Blanca ?:??
Luz Blanca (Spoons mix) 6:45
Luz Blanca (Spoons mix) FRZ018600870 6:27
Mardi gras ?:??
Mardi Gras FRZ018600920 4:23
My Body Betrays Me She Said FRZ018902060 4:34
My Body Betrays Me She Said 4:30
Not Waltz Away FRZ018700800 3:25
Not Waltz Away ?:??
Oh Lord FRZ019001680 4:09
Orwell Cooks FRZ018800690 4:10
Paname Song ?:??
Pascal's Waltz FRZ018801250 4:46
Pascal's Waltz 4:46
Peter O'Toole 4:52
Peter O'Toole FRUM78500052 6:05
Pigeons FRUM78500054 5:05
Polished Off FRZ018800170 4:50
Pray, Anarchist FRZ018800710 4:32
Red Legs FRZ018501210 4:03
Red Orange Blue (fin) FRUM78500057 4:39
She Can Be Vandalized FRZ019001700 3:51
Skin Poetry ?:??
Skin Poetry FRZ018600880 3:50
Spokane FRZ018800700 5:33
Spokane FRZ018801390 4:19
St. Helens 3:56
St. Helens ?:??
The Girl That I Marry FRZ018800720 6:26
The Girl That I Marry FRZ018800720 5:41
The Last American Dream FRZ019001670 5:18
The Struggle for Love (Rent, Painting and Manic Delight) FRZ018801260 6:33
Tomorrow Is a Long Time FRUM78500051 4:32
Tomorrow Is a Long Time ?:??
Tomorrow Is a Long Time FRZ018600510 4:31
Travail, famille, patrie FRZ018800190 4:38
Ventoline Blues FRZ018900870 5:00
Violations ?:??
Where Do You Want Me to Look? FRZ013000020 5:36

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