Luther Hughes (bass, US post bop musician)

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1971-07-26Did You Thinkbass [electric bass]Gene Harris The 3 Sounds3:28
1971-07-26Hey Girlbass [electric bass]Gene Harris The 3 Sounds3:12
1971-07-26I'm Leavingbass [electric bass]Gene Harris The 3 Sounds5:30
1971-07-26What's the Answerbass [electric bass]Gene Harris The 3 Sounds3:32
1971-07-26Your Love Is Just Too Muchbass [electric bass]Gene Harris The 3 Sounds2:44
1971-07-27Put on Trainbass [electric bass]Gene Harris The 3 Sounds5:53
1971-07-27You Got to Play the Gamebass [electric bass]Gene Harris The 3 Sounds5:40
1971-08-03Eleanor Rigbybass [electric bass]Gene Harris The 3 Sounds6:52
1989After the Snow FallsbassDavid Benoit3:21
1989Cabin FeverbassDavid Benoit3:58
1989Cast Your Fate to the WindbassDavid Benoit3:13
1989Cat on a WindowsillbassDavid Benoit4:39
1989FiresidebassDavid Benoit4:30
1989FunkallerobassDavid Benoit3:36
1989I Remember Bill EvansbassDavid Benoit4:24
1989My RomancebassDavid Benoit8:16
1989Secret LovebassDavid Benoit3:33
1989Some Other SunsetbassDavid Benoit4:58
1989Turn Out the StarsbassDavid Benoit2:33
1989Waiting for SpringbassDavid Benoit5:09
1991-06-29Another StarbassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:36
1991-06-29Black and BluebassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:37
1991-06-29Blue BossabassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:46
1991-06-29C.C. RiderbassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:03
1991-06-29Hot ToddybassThe Gene Harris Quartet4:44
1991-06-29It Might as Well Be SpringbassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:19
1991-06-29Nobody Knows You When You're Down and OutbassThe Gene Harris Quartet4:38
1991-06-29The Best Things in Life Are FreebassThe Gene Harris Quartet7:34
1991-06-29The Song Is YoubassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:11
1991-06-29Will You Still Be MinebassThe Gene Harris Quartet9:52
1992-01-17I Can’t Stop Loving YoubassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:25
1992-01-17JeanninebassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:41
1992-01-17Just One More ChancebassThe Gene Harris Quartet4:30
1992-01-17Like a LoverbassThe Gene Harris Quartet4:36
1992-01-17MisteriosobassThe Gene Harris Quartet7:32
1992-01-17Oh, Look at Me NowbassThe Gene Harris Quartet4:30
1992-01-17Strollin’bassThe Gene Harris Quartet4:31
1992-01-17Until the Real Thing Comes AlongbassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:28
1992-01-17Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)bassThe Gene Harris Quartet7:37
1992-01-17You Make Me Feel So YoungbassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:58
1992-08-04 – 1992-08-05A Beautiful FriendshipbassThe Gene Harris Quartet8:46
1992-08-04 – 1992-08-05For Once in My LifebassThe Gene Harris Quartet7:52
1992-08-04 – 1992-08-05I Remember YoubassThe Gene Harris Quartet7:09
1992-08-04 – 1992-08-05I Told You SobassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:24
1992-08-04 – 1992-08-05September SongbassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:31
1992-08-04 – 1992-08-05The Brotherhood of ManbassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:56
1992-08-04 – 1992-08-05The SidewinderbassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:01
1992-08-04 – 1992-08-05This Little Light of MinebassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:29
1992-08-04 – 1992-08-05When You Wish Upon a StarbassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:28
1993-07-30 – 1993-07-31Blues for Ste. ChappellebassThe Gene Harris Quartet4:30
1993-07-30 – 1993-07-31Blues in Baxter's PadbassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:34
1993-07-30 – 1993-07-31How Long Has This Been Going OnbassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:56
1993-07-30 – 1993-07-31Ma! He's Making Eyes at MebassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:50
1993-07-30 – 1993-07-31My Little Suede ShoesbassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:49
1993-07-30 – 1993-07-31Ode to Billy JoebassThe Gene Harris Quartet8:15
1993-07-30 – 1993-07-31Old Dog BluesbassThe Gene Harris Quartet10:31
1993-07-30 – 1993-07-31PensativabassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:59
1993-07-30 – 1993-07-31Scotch and SodabassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:25
1993-07-30 – 1993-07-31Sentimental JourneybassThe Gene Harris Quartet0:38
1993-07-30 – 1993-07-31Take the 'a' TrainbassThe Gene Harris Quartet8:09
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I DobassMary Stallings3:45
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26Blues in My HeartbassMary Stallings6:33
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26But Not for MebassMary Stallings6:42
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26Dedicated to YoubassMary Stallings5:59
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26I Waited for YoubassMary Stallings5:27
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26I Wanna Be LovedbassMary Stallings5:38
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26It's CrazybassMary Stallings2:58
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26Love DancebassMary Stallings6:16
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26Only Trust Your HeartbassMary Stallings6:39
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26Serenade in BluebassMary Stallings6:07
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-26Where or WhenbassMary Stallings4:40
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-27Ahmad's BluesbassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:15
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-27Blues for BasiebassThe Gene Harris Quartet7:00
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-27Blues in Hoss' FlatbassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:43
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-27Bye Bye BluesbassThe Gene Harris Quartet4:42
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-27Children of SanchezbassThe Gene Harris Quartet7:39
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-27Everything Happens to MebassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:47
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-27Nice 'n' EasybassThe Gene Harris Quartet7:26
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-27Old Funky Gene'sbassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:26
1994-05-25 – 1994-05-27The Trouble With Hello Is GoodbyebassThe Gene Harris Quartet5:27
1995-03-10 – 1995-03-11Estoril SoulbassThe Gene Harris Quartet7:39
1995-03-10 – 1995-03-11Lady Be GoodbassThe Gene Harris Quartet9:11
1995-03-10 – 1995-03-11Menage A BleubassThe Gene Harris Quartet7:45
1995-03-10 – 1995-03-11My Funny ValentinebassThe Gene Harris Quartet8:38
1995-03-10 – 1995-03-11Straight, No ChaserbassThe Gene Harris Quartet7:41
1995-03-10 – 1995-03-11SummertimebassThe Gene Harris Quartet8:39
1995-03-10 – 1995-03-11That's AllbassThe Gene Harris Quartet8:07
1995-03-10 – 1995-03-11You Don't Know MebassThe Gene Harris Quartet6:31
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10(He's Got the) Whole World in His HandsbassGene Harris3:11
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10(Jesus Keeps Me) Near the CrossbassGene Harris5:23
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10Amazing GracebassGene Harris4:13
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10Battle Hymn of the RepublicbassGene Harris8:18
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10Everything Must ChangebassGene Harris6:08
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10Grandpa's HandsbassGene Harris4:07
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10His Eye Is on the SparrowbassGene Harris3:46
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10Lean on MebassGene Harris4:28
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10Lord I've TriedbassGene Harris5:23
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10OperatorbassGene Harris4:24
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10This Little Light of MinebassGene Harris8:23
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-10Will the Circle Be UnbrokenbassGene Harris4:12
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