808 State

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1988Newbuild808 State2
1989Ninety808 State47
1991Ex:el808 State10
1992Gorgeous808 State47
1996Don Solaris808 State6
2002Outpost Transmission808 State4
2004Prebuild808 State2
2019Transmission Suite808 State2

Album + Compilation

1993Forecast808 State1
1994State to State808 State1
1998808:88:98808 State2
2002Opti Buk808state1
2002State to State, Volume 2808 State1
2008808 Archives (Pt. I)808 State1
2008808 Archive (Pt. II)808 State1
2008808 Archives (Pt. III)808 State1
2008808 Archives (Pt. IV)808 State1
2011Blueprint808 State1
2011State to State 2808 State1

Album + Remix

1996Thermo Kings808state2


1988Let Yourself Go / Deepville808 State1
1989Pacific808 State10
1990The Only Rhyme That BitesMC Tunes vs. 808 State3
1990Cubik808 State2
1990Tunes Splits the AtomMC Tunes vs. 808 State5
1990Voiceprint (Blind From the Facts)Jon Hassell vs. 808 State3
1991In Yer Face808 State7
1991Ooops808 State feat. Björk6
1991Lift / Open Your Mind808 State6
199110 X 10808 State5
1992Timebomb808 State3
1992One in Ten808 State & UB404
1993Plan 9808 State2
1994Bombadin808 State3
1996Bond808 State2
1996Azura808 State3
1997Lopez (Metaphorically)808 State2
1998Pacific808:98.Cubik98808 State5
1999The Only Rhyme That Bites 99MC Tunes vs. 808 State3
1999Invader808 State3
2011Cubik (21st Anniversary remix)808 State1
Primary RhymingMC Tunes vs. 808 State1

Single + Remix

1991Sound + Vision (remix)David Bowie vs 808 State1


1989Quadrastate808 State3
1990The Extended Pleasure of Dance EP808 State2
1990Cübik / Olympic / Pacific808 State4
1999Slut Smalls 2808 State / Jega1
2019Initial Granada Report808 State1
2019Subsequent Granada Report808 State1

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