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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(Get a) Grip (on Yourself) Prong 3:06
(Get a) Grip (on Yourself) (Harm mix) Prong 3:25
3rd Option Prong 4:07
3rd Option Prong 4:07
3rd Option (Naked in the Cadillac mix) Prong 3:46
Absence of Light Prong 3:42
Aggravated Condition Prong 2:54
All Knowing Force Prong 2:40
Ammunition Prong 3:30
Another Worldly Device Prong 3:24
Another Worldly Device Prong ?:??
Another Worldly Device Prong 3:29
Another Worldly Device (live, USA) Prong 3:30
Assurances Prong 3:20
Avenue of the Finest Prong 3:37
Avoid Promises Prong 3:14
Bad Fall Prong 3:56
Bad Fall Prong 3:55
Bad Fall (Smile on Your Face mix) Prong 4:23
Banned in D.C. Prong 2:21
Banned in D.C. Prong 2:21
Bars Prong 4:18
Beg to Differ Prong 4:16
Beg to Differ (live, USA) Prong 4:32
Beg To Differ Prong ?:??
Beg To Differ Prong 4:17
Belief System Prong 3:21
Blood Out of Stone Prong 4:12
Blood Out Of Stone Prong 4:13
Bought and Sold Prong 3:16
Bought and Sold Prong ?:??
Brainwave Prong 3:02
Broken Peace Prong 6:12
Broken Peace Prong ?:??
Broken Peace Prong 6:28
Broken Peace (live, USA) Prong 6:12
Broken Peace (Crazy Cuts mix) Prong 4:04
Broken Peace (full mix) Prong 6:02
Broken Peace (single remix) Prong 4:50
Can't Stop the Bleeding Prong 2:56
Can't Stop The Bleeding Prong 2:55
Can't Stop the Bleeding (SMack! mix) Prong 4:17
Caprice Prong 2:46
Carved Into Stone Prong 5:22
Chamber of Thought Prong 3:44
Chamber of Thought Prong 3:44
Changing Ending Troubling Times Prong 6:24
Changing Ending Troubling Times Prong 6:24
Changing Ending Troubling Times (Abandoned Structures mix) Prong 5:24
Climate Control Prong 3:13
Cling to Life Prong 1:39
Close the Door Prong 4:06
Close the Door (live, USA) Prong 4:31
Close The Door Prong 3:59
Come to Realize Prong 3:49
Compulsive Future Projection Prong 3:11
Compulsive Future Projection Prong 3:10
Contradictions Prong 4:11
Controller Prong 3:40
Controller Prong 3:42
Controller Prong ?:??
Controller (live, USA) Prong 4:08
Controller (Club Industrial remix) Prong 6:15
Controller (Dominant Bitch remix) Prong 3:49
Corpus Delecti Prong 3:34
Corpus Delicti Prong 3:33
Cortez the Killer Prong 6:52
Cut and Dry Prong 3:51
Cut Rate Prong 5:22
Cut-Rate Prong 4:52
Cut-Rate (live, USA) Prong 5:15
Daily Dose Prong 3:58
Dark Signs Prong 3:21
Dark Signs Prong 3:25
Dark Signs (live, USA) Prong 3:31
Decay Prong 2:45
Decay Prong 2:52
Defiant Prong 3:00
Denial Prong 1:43
Detached Prong 3:26
Detached Prong ?:??
Diabology Catharsis vs. Prong 6:15
Disbelief Prong 1:42
Disbelief Prong ?:??
Disbelief (live, USA) Prong 1:49
Divide and Conquer Prong 3:17
Divide and Conquer Prong 3:19
Divide And Conquer Prong 3:17
Do Nothing Prong 3:40
Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely Prong 3:32
Doomsday Prong 2:44
Drainpipe Prong 2:20
Dreams Like That Prong 2:19
Dying Breed Prong 3:25
Dying Breed Prong ?:??
Dying Breed Prong 3:26
Embrace the Depth Prong 4:02
Embrace the Depth Prong 4:02
Entrance of the Eclipse Prong 4:10
Eternal Heat Prong 3:53

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