John Harrison (composer, filmmaker)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
"Lover's Vow" Suite 12:28
Backwards Chord / Miller Dies 2:17
Barney Dies / Celeste Shoots Lacey 2:37
Barney’s Dream 1:24
Breakdown 3:52
Bub Stalks Rhodes / Zombies Rip Rhodes 2:12
Bub's 9th 0:36
Celeste Does Shakespeare / Rita Gets Yanked 1:26
Chopper Can't Hold Us All 3:48
Creepshow 3:40
Creepshow 3:32
Creepshow (end title) 3:35
Day of the Dead Main Title 6:43
Dead Calm 1:55
Dead End 21:39
Deadly Beginnings 7:27
Desperate Pain 3:32
Did You Get It? 1:05
Diner of the Living Dead 1:42
Dom & Celeste Go Fishing 1:08
Dom & Celeste Meet the Pig 0:40
End Title 2:37
Epilogue 3:47
Escape Invasion 3:58
Father's Day 7:58
Father’s Day: Bedelia Arrives 0:47
Father’s Day: Don’t Let Go 3:35
Father’s Day: Henry Goes Looking 1:03
Father’s Day: Henry is Told the Family Secrets 1:05
Father’s Day: Henry Meets Nate and Gets Crushed 0:54
Father’s Day: I Got My Cake 0:52
Father’s Day: Nate Comes Out of the Grave 1:18
Father’s Day: She Bashed His Head In 0:53
Father’s Day: Sylvia On a Platter/A Meteor Arrives 0:59
Father’s Day: Where’s My Cake? I Want My Cake! 1:38
Fight to Survive 1:10
Fix it...You Can't Fix it / Miguel Lets ‘em In 3:10
Garbage Men Find Billy’s Comic Book 0:57
Heroes Escape 1:44
I Gotta Run 3:28
If Tomorrow Comes 3:39
Into the Control Room Pt. 1 1:08
Into the Control Room Pt. 2 1:05
John Lectures 1:16
John Warns Sarah / People Got Different Ideas 1:29
Lacey Checks the Cameras 1:34
Laugh in the Dark 1:48
Logan Teaching Bub / Bub Learning 2:23
Logan's Lab / Logan's Madness / Beef Treats 4:54
Main Title 3:06
Man in the Mirror 0:16
Mansions of the Moon: Overture 6:08
Miguel Bitten 1:58
Miguel Decides 0:24
On the Beach 1:17
Prologue 1:37
Prologue ?:??
Prologue / Welcome to Creepshow (Main Title) 4:07
Radio Jingles 1:58
Rhodes Leaves His Men Behind / Zombie Overrun 3:41
Rita Hears Ghosts 0:57
Sarah Breaks Down 2:05
Sarah Dopes Miguel 0:48
Sarah Hallucinates 0:38
Sarah Sees Graves / First Cave Entry 2:25
Shoobie Doobie Moon: Main Title Song 4:12
Shoobie Doobie Moon: You Make Me Feel Like a Monster 2:14
Something to Tide You Over 5:27
Something to Tide You Over: Danger in Space 1:19
Something to Tide You Over: Dramatic Eerie 1:30
Something to Tide You Over: From the Farm to the Beach 0:27
Something to Tide You Over: Get in That Hole, Harry 1:45
Something to Tide You Over: Haunted Castle 1:35
Something to Tide You Over: If You Can Hold Your Breath 2:10
Something to Tide You Over: Richard Watches Them Drown 1:38
Something to Tide You Over: Space Suspense 0:57
Special Effects 0:31
Steel, Shoot That Woman 1:51
Tales from the Darkside: Everybody Needs a Little Love (Tales From the Darkside) 3:10
Tales from the Darkside: Satanic Piano (Tales From the Darkside) 4:29
Tales from the Darkside: Sorry Right Number (Tales From the Darkside) 5:31
The Chase 2:52
The Crate 5:29
The Crate: Dex and Mike Move the Crate 1:41
The Crate: Dex and Mike Open the Crate 1:50
The Crate: Eternal Light 2:05
The Crate: Fluffy Eats Wilma 0:44
The Crate: From the Beach to the College 0:30
The Crate: Henry Dumps Fluffy 0:48
The Crate: Henry Leaves Wilma a Note 4:10
The Crate: Mike Discovers the Crate 0:32
The Crate: Mike Meets Fluffy 1:20
The Crate: Mystery Hour 2:16
The Crate: Wake Up! Wake Up! 0:50
The Crate: What Are Friends For 0:30
The Crate: Wilma Goes Under the Stairs 1:00
The Creepshow Welcomes You 2:24
The Dead Suite 19:41
The Dead Walk 4:54
The End of Steel / Lost in the Caves 3:42

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