Hal Galper

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member of:Bobby Hutcherson-Harold Land Quintet
The Phil Woods Quintet (piano)
The Phil Woods Quintet + One (from 1981 until 1990)
original member of:The Hal Galper Trio
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official homepages:http://www.halgalper.com/ [info]
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VIAF ID:VIAF: 111712936 [info]
Wikidata:Q921190 [info]


One With OneChet Baker3:45
Pamela's PassionChet Baker5:21
This Is the ThingChet Baker4:55
Just Us
Loose Change
1964-06Ann, Wonderful OnepianoChet Baker4:43
1964-06Flight to JordanpianoChet Baker3:28
1964-06GnidpianoChet Baker4:58
1964-06MargerinepianoChet Baker4:36
1964-06Mating CallpianoChet Baker3:54
1964-06Retsim B.pianoChet Baker5:46
1964-06SoultranepianoChet Baker4:38
1964-06Tadd's DelightpianoChet Baker3:55
1964-06WalkingpianoChet Baker3:00
1964-06Whatever Possessed MepianoChet Baker4:01
1964-11-14Baby BreezepianoChet Baker3:07
1964-11-14Comin' DownpianoChet Baker4:28
1964-11-14One With OnepianoChet Baker3:45
1964-11-14Pamela's PassionpianoChet Baker5:21
1964-11-14This Is the ThingpianoChet Baker4:55
1970The CreatorspianoBill Evans, Bobby Hutcherson, Karin Krog & Archie Shepp18:24
1973Inner JourneypianoHal Galper7:06
1973Invitation to OpennesspianoHal Galper6:27
1973Joy RidepianoHal Galper4:13
1973My Funny ValentinepianoHal Galper5:18
1973P.M in the A.M.pianoHal Galper5:05
1973Taking the ColtranepianoHal Galper4:32
1973Wandering SpiritpianoHal Galper4:28
1976-11-11Children of the NightpianoHal Galper13:13
1976-11-11I Can't Get StartedpianoHal Galper3:15
1976-11-11I'll Never Stop Loving YoupianoHal Galper7:18
1976-11-11Reach Out!pianoHal Galper9:17
1976-11-11SpiditpianoHal Galper6:00
1976-11-11Waiting for ChetpianoHal Galper8:12
1977-02-15Bemsha SwingpianoHal Galper6:09
1977-02-15First Song in the DaypianoHal Galper9:02
1977-02-15Mr. FixitpianoHal Galper5:02
1977-02-15Now Hear ThispianoHal Galper8:19
1977-02-15Red Eye SpecialpianoHal Galper5:32
1977-02-15Shadow WaltzpianoHal Galper6:11
1978-11-27AilleronpianoJohn Scofield Quartet6:54
1978-11-27Air PakistanpianoJohn Scofield Quartet3:22
1978-11-27Alister FieldspianoJohn Scofield Quartet5:26
1978-11-27Rough HousepianoJohn Scofield Quartet9:18
1978-11-27Slow ElvinpianoJohn Scofield Quartet6:17
1978-11-27Triple PlaypianoJohn Scofield Quartet8:33
1979-10-31 – 1979-11-01ContinuitypianoHal Galper & John Scofield6:32
1979-10-31 – 1979-11-01Ivory ForestpianoHal Galper & John Scofield7:36
1979-10-31 – 1979-11-01Monk's MoodpianoHal Galper & John Scofield5:58
1979-10-31 – 1979-11-01My Dog SpotpianoHal Galper & John Scofield6:31
1979-10-31 – 1979-11-01Rapunzel's LuncheonettepianoHal Galper & John Scofield9:36
1981-04-28Blue 'N' BoogiepianoChet Baker with Special Guest Bud Shank10:35
1981-04-28Ray's IdeapianoChet Baker with Special Guest Bud Shank13:05
1981-04-28There Will Be Never Another YoupianoChet Baker with Special Guest Bud Shank14:22
1981-08Summer NightpianoPhil Woods6:45
1982-10-07Long Ago and Far AwaypianoPhil Woods9:09
1982-10-07Prelude to a KisspianoPhil Woods11:04
1982-10-07SpringsvillepianoPhil Woods12:42
1982-10-07Very EarlypianoPhil Woods7:47
1982-10-07Webb CitypianoPhil Woods9:08
1984-12-28 – 1984-12-29222pianoThe Phil Woods Quintet7:35
1984-12-28 – 1984-12-29AzurepianoThe Phil Woods Quintet6:27
1984-12-28 – 1984-12-29HeavenpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet7:37
1984-12-28 – 1984-12-29I’m Getting Sentimental Over YoupianoThe Phil Woods Quintet5:43
1984-12-28 – 1984-12-29OccurrencepianoThe Phil Woods Quintet8:48
1984-12-28 – 1984-12-29The DukepianoThe Phil Woods Quintet7:32
1986-06-19111-44pianoPhil Woods Quintet6:40
1986-06-19111-44pianoPhil Woods6:45
1986-06-19Another JonespianoPhil Woods9:46
1986-06-19Another JonespianoPhil Woods Quintet9:47
1986-06-19GratitudepianoPhil Woods9:00
1986-06-19GratitudepianoPhil Woods Quintet9:06
1986-06-19My AzurepianoPhil Woods8:28
1986-06-19My AzurepianoPhil Woods Quintet8:33
1986-06-19Serenade in BluepianoPhil Woods7:35
1986-06-19Serenade in BluepianoPhil Woods Quintet7:31
1986-06-19Tenor of the TimespianoPhil Woods Quintet11:00
1986-06-19Tenor of the TimespianoPhil Woods11:05
1986-06-19Times MirrorpianoPhil Woods7:58
1986-06-19Times MirrorpianoPhil Woods Quintet7:54
1986-06-19Ya KnowpianoPhil Woods10:57
1986-06-19Ya KnowpianoPhil Woods Quintet10:55
1986-12-14Loose ChangepianoDizzy Gillespie & Phil Woods8:03
1986-12-14Love For SalepianoDizzy Gillespie & Phil Woods8:48
1986-12-14Oon-Ga-WapianoDizzy Gillespie & Phil Woods6:17
1986-12-14Round MidnightpianoDizzy Gillespie & Phil Woods12:36
1986-12-14WhasdisheanpianoDizzy Gillespie & Phil Woods5:58
1987-11Bop StewpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet7:55
1987-11DreamsvillepianoThe Phil Woods Quintet10:38
1987-11How's Your Mama?pianoThe Phil Woods Quintet1:48
1987-11HUK2EpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet11:54
1987-11MompianoThe Phil Woods Quintet7:46
1987-11Poor ButterflypianoThe Phil Woods Quintet9:39
1987-11Theme From Star TrekpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet9:22
1987-11Tune of the Unknown SambapianoThe Phil Woods Quintet10:12
1987-11Willow Weep for MepianoThe Phil Woods Quintet11:12
1987-11Yes, There Is a C.O.T.A.pianoThe Phil Woods Quintet7:16
1989-02After You've GonepianoThe Hal Galper Trio7:06
1989-02AzurepianoThe Hal Galper Trio7:54
1989-02Giant StepspianoThe Hal Galper Trio3:51
1989-02I Should CarepianoThe Hal Galper Trio7:30
1989-02I'll Be Seeing YoupianoThe Hal Galper Trio7:56
1989-02If I Didn't CarepianoThe Hal Galper Trio5:56
1989-02In Your Own Sweet WaypianoThe Hal Galper Trio7:21
1989-02What Is This Thing Called Love?pianoThe Hal Galper Trio6:44
1989-04Autumn NocturnepianoThe Phil Woods Quintet + One8:00
1989-04Bradley's RevengepianoThe Phil Woods Quintet + One8:34
1989-04Dr. DunkpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet + One7:04
1989-04EbullitonpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet + One5:09
1989-04FlashpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet + One5:29
1989-04Journey to the CenterpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet + One5:56
1989-04MisirloupianoThe Phil Woods Quintet + One10:16
1989-04RadopianoThe Phil Woods Quintet + One7:06
1989-04WeaverpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet + One5:11
1994-08-16A Ghost of a ChancepianoThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi9:48
1994-08-16All the Things You Aren'tpianoThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi11:37
1994-08-16It's MagicpianoThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi7:03
1994-08-16Jackie-IngpianoThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi12:01
1994-08-16LaurapianoThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi11:00
1994-08-16Take the ColtranepianoThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi6:14
'Round MidnightpianoPhil Woods & Chris Swansen4:15
111-44pianoPhil Woods6:45
A Night in TunisiapianoPhil Woods & Chris Swansen4:06
All Bird's ChildrenpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet7:10
Another JonespianoPhil Woods9:45
Au PrivavepianoPhil Woods & Chris Swansen3:07
Balcony RockpianoHal Galper Trio11:15
BangalorepianoRandy Brecker4:34
Chasin' the PiperpianoPhil Woods & Chris Swansen3:40
ConfirmationpianoPhil Woods & Chris Swansen3:42
From This Moment OnpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet8:45
Giant StepspianoHal Galper Trio4:50
Goodbye Mr. EvanspianoPhil Woods & Chris Swansen2:34
Gotham SerenadepianoThe Phil Woods Quintet8:03
Hey TherepianoHal Galper Trio11:42
I Remember AprilpianoHal Galper Trio15:42
IxtlanpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet5:31
Just a MoodpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet6:49
Moose the MoochepianoPhil Woods & Chris Swansen3:36
Morning SongpianoRandy Brecker4:10
My AzurepianoPhil Woods8:26
My Man BennypianoThe Phil Woods Quintet6:37
Name GamepianoRandy Brecker5:15
Ole DudepianoThe Phil Woods Quintet6:24
Once You Know She's GonepianoPhil Woods & Chris Swansen2:28
Pipe DreampianoRandy Brecker4:33
Piper at the Gates of DawnpianoPhil Woods & Chris Swansen3:52
Piper's MoodpianoPhil Woods & Chris Swansen3:39
ScorepianoRandy Brecker7:18
Serenade in BluepianoPhil Woods7:34
Tenor of the TimespianoPhil Woods11:04
The Best Is Yet to ComepianoThe Phil Woods Quintet4:04
The Marble SeapianoRandy Brecker5:43
The VamppianoRandy Brecker5:14
The Weasel Goes Out to LunchpianoRandy Brecker1:21
Times MirrorpianoPhil Woods7:56
What Is This Thing Called LovepianoHal Galper Trio12:28
With a Song in My HeartpianoThe Phil Woods Quintet5:32
Ya KnowpianoPhil Woods11:01
1965-01-14Baby Breezeguest and pianoChet Baker
1970Love, Sex, and the Zodiacelectric piano and guestCannonball Adderley
1973-06-04Inside StraightpianoThe Cannonball Adderley Quintet
1974PyramidpianoThe Cannonball Adderley Quintet
1974PyramidpianoThe Cannonball Adderley Quintet
Scoreelectric piano and pianoThe Brecker Brothers
Volume 25: All-Time StandardspianoJamey Aebersold
A Ghost of a ChanceThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi9:48
All the Things You Aren'tThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi11:37
It's MagicThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi7:03
Jackie-IngThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi12:01
LauraThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi11:00
Take the ColtraneThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi6:14