Lasgo (Belgian Eurodance)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Something (Flip & Fill remix) Lasgo BEZ460100140 6:49
Something (Flip & Fill remix) (part of DJ‐mixed “In the Mix: Revival”) Lasgo 4:25
Something (Flip n Fill mix) Lasgo 5:22
Something (G-Box remix) Lasgo 3:57
Something (J & B remix) Lasgo 3:46
Something (Jimmy Goldschmitz remix) Lasgo BEZ460100049 6:06
Something (Jimmy Goldschmitz remix) Lasgo 5:20
Something (Kenny Hayes remix) Lasgo 7:24
Something (Lange edit) Lasgo 3:39
Something (Micro de Govia remix) Lasgo 4:17
Something (Micro de Govia remix) Lasgo 8:31
Something (Mirco de Govia remix) Lasgo BEZ460100141 5:05
Something (Mirco de Govia remix) Lasgo 7:32
Something (Mirco de Govia remix) (part of a “Godskitchen Anthems” DJ‐mix) Lasgo 5:06
Something (Mirco De Govia remix) (part of a “Classic Euphoria, Level 2” DJ‐mix) Lasgo 4:56
Something (Peter Luts remix) Lasgo 7:41
Something (Peter Luts remix) Lasgo 5:23
Something (radio edit) Lasgo BEZ450100143
4 3:41
Something (radio edit) (part of a “30 Years of Central Station Records: The Hard Years” DJ‐mix) Lasgo 3:50
Something (radio mix) Lasgo ?:??
Something (video) Lasgo ?:??
Something (Video) Lasgo 3:39
Something (W.O.S.P. remix) Lasgo BEZ460100142 7:27
Something 2013 Lasgo feat. Taylor Jones 3:16
Someting (part of a “Trance Nation 2002” DJ‐mix) Lasgo 3:29
Stay With Me Lasgo 3:18
Still Lasgo 3:50
Surrender Lasgo 2:42
Surrender Lasgo 5:05
Surrender Lasgo 2:26
Surrender Lasgo 3:44
Surrender Lasgo 7:33
Surrender Lasgo 3:46
Surrender Lasgo 2:45
Surrender (DJ‐mix from “MoS: The Annual 2005” (US)) Lasgo 3:03
Surrender (part of a “Best of Dance Anthems, Volume 1” DJ‐mix) Lasgo 4:06
Surrender (part of a “Trance Party, Volume 4” DJ‐mix) Lasgo 3:00
Surrender (Cor Fijneman remix edit) (part of a “Club Hits 2005” DJ‐mix) Lasgo 4:32
Surrender (Cor Fijneman remix) Lasgo 6:58
Surrender (Cor Fijneman remix) (part of a “Trance Masters” DJ‐mix) Lasgo 4:16
Surrender (Cor Fijneman Remix) Lasgo ?:??
Surrender (extended mix) Lasgo BEZ460300040 5:35
Surrender (extended mix) (part of “Maximum Workout Reloaded” DJ-mix) Lasgo 4:48
Surrender (Jan Vervloet remix) Lasgo 7:41
Surrender (Jan Vervloet remix) Lasgo 7:34
Surrender (Jan Vervloet Remix) Lasgo ?:??
Surrender (LMC radio edit) Lasgo 2:58
Surrender (LMC remix) Lasgo 6:03
Surrender (McCullen Outlaw mix) Lasgo 7:17
Surrender (McCullen vs. Moldenhaúer remix) Lasgo 7:40
Surrender (McMullen Outlaw Mix) Lasgo ?:??
Surrender (McMullen Vs. Moldenhauer Remix) Lasgo ?:??
Surrender (Megamix) Lasgo 5:28
Surrender (Nick Skitz club mix) Lasgo 7:26
Surrender (Nick Skitz club mixx) Lasgo ?:??
Surrender (Peter Luts Remix) Lasgo BEZ460300041 8:48
Surrender (Pulsedriver remix) Lasgo ?:??
Surrender (Pulsedriver remix) Lasgo ?:??
Surrender (Pulsedriver remix) Lasgo 6:53
Surrender (Pulsedriver's dub remix) Lasgo 6:01
Surrender (Pulsedriver's vox remix) Lasgo BEZ460300046 6:56
Surrender (radio edit) Lasgo BEZ460300038 3:06
Surrender (radio hit mix) Lasgo 2:48
Surrender (Ronald van Gelderen remix) Lasgo 6:27
Surrender (Ronald van Gelderen remix) Lasgo 3:48
Surrender (Ronald Van Gelderen remix) Lasgo 8:31
Surrender (Skitz Clubb edit) (part of a “SkitzMix 20” DJ‐mix) Lasgo 3 3:43
Surrender (Skitz radio edit) Lasgo 3 3:44
Surrender (video) Lasgo ?:??
Take-Off Lasgo 0:56
Tell Me Lasgo 3:46
Tell Me Lasgo 3:32
Tonight Lasgo 4:47
Tonight Lasgo 3:13
Tonight Lasgo ?:??
Tonight Lasgo 3:09
Tonight (part of a “Slam FM Grand Slam 2010, Volume 3” DJ‐mix) Lasgo 1:40
True Lasgo 3:54
Who's That Girl Lasgo 4:16
Who's That Girl (radio edit) (feat. Dave Beyer) Lasgo 2:56
Who's That Girl? (original) Lasgo 3 3:23
Who’s That Girl Lasgo ?:??
Yesterday Lasgo BEZ460400084 3:40
You Lasgo BEZ460200067 4:35
You Lasgo 3:57

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