Yabby U (dub/reggae artist & producer Vivian Jackson, aka 'Yabby You')

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
They Don't Want Me Yabby U 3:02
This Economical Crisis Yabby You 2:32
Thunder and Lightening Dub Yabby U 2:56
Toghether Yabby U & The Prophets 3:58
Tree of Satta Dub Yabby U 3:49
Tribal War Dub Yabby U 3:51
Tribulation Yabby U 3:46
Tribulation Yabby U 3:45
Tribulation Dub Yabby U 4:01
Tubby's Vengeance Yabby You & King Tubby 3:00
Tubby's Vengeance King Tubby & Vivian Jackson 2:57
Tubby's Vengeance Yabby You 2:58
Turn Me Loose Dub Yabby U 4:24
Vengeance in Dub Yabby U 3:11
Version Dub Yabby U 2:42
Version from Above Yabby U 2:00
Walls of Jerusalem Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 3:40
Walls of Jerusalem Yabby U 3:43
Walls Of Jerusalem Yabby U 3:40
Warn the Nation Yabby U 2:25
Warn Them Jah Dub Yabby U 3:48
Wicked Man Time Yabby U 4:28
Winds of Dub Yabby You & Mad Professor 5:03
Yabby Yabby You (Live) Yabby U, Mad Professor &The Robotics 6:59
Yabby You Yabby You 3:14
Yabby You Dub Yabby U 3:11
Yabby Youth Big Youth & Vivian Jackson 3:14
Yabby Youth Yabby U 3:13
Zambia Yabby U 3:20
Zambia Dub King Tubby & Yabby You 3:32
Zambia Dub (feat. Jah Walton) Yabby U 3:30
Zion Gate Yabby U 3:07
Zion Gate Vivian Jackson 3:09
Zion Gate Yabby U 3:34
Zion Gate Yabby You Vibration, The ?:??
Zion Gates (Live) Yabby U, Mad Professor &The Robotics 7:13
Zion High Dub Yabby U 2:52
Zion Is Here Yabby U 3:49

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