Yabby U (dub/reggae artist & producer Vivian Jackson, aka 'Yabby You')

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Dub Prophecy Yabby U 2:57
Dub Trap Yabby You & Mad Professor 5:13
Dub Trap Yabby U 3:16
Economical Crisis Vivian Jackson & Yabby You 2:33
Everlasting Life Vivian Jackson & Yabby You 2:56
Feel All Right Yabby U & The Prophets 4:33
Fire Deh a Mus Mus Tail Yabby You 3:39
Fire Deh A Mus Mus Tail Yabby You 3:39
Fire Dub Yabby You 2:33
Fire Fire Yabby U 3:26
Fire Fire (Live) The Robotics, Mad Professor & Yabby U 5:17
Fire In a Kingston Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 3:11
Fire in Kingston Yabby You 3:17
Fire Man Yabby U 3:51
Fire Round Town Yabby U 3:30
Fire, Fire Yabby U 3:21
Firey Dub Yabby U 3:51
Fleeing From the City Yabby You 3:47
Fleeing From The City Yabby You 3:47
Free Africa Yabby U 3:20
Free Africa Yabby You & Trinity 6:23
Free Africa Yabby U 3:38
Free Africa [12" Mix] Yabby You 6:23
Freedom Yabby U & The Prophets 3:29
Freedom Of Life Yabby You 2:27
Gates of Zion Dub Yabby U 2:51
Get Lost Babylon (12" Mix) Yabby You 7:59
Give Praises Yabby U 2:59
Give Praises Yabby U & The Prophets 3:00
Give Thanks & Praise [12" Mix] Yabby You 5:37
Go to School Jah Children Yabby U 3:02
Go To School Jah Jah Children (Africa) Yabby U 3:00
Greetings Yabby U 3:02
Gun Man Secret Yabby U 4:15
Gwaan & Lef Me (12" Mix) Yabby You 5:00
Hail The Children Yabby You 2:35
Heads a Roll Dub Yabby U 2:49
Homelessness Yabby U 2:35
Humanity Dub Yabby U 3:46
Hungering Dub Yabby U 3:37
Hungry Belly a De New Stylee Yabby You 3:12
I Come Call Righteousness Yabby You 3:41
I Feel Lonely Yabby U 4:24
I Love You Yabby U 2:42
I Love You Yabby You Vibration, The ?:??
Integrity of the Upright Yabby You 3:52
Jah Is My Life Yabby U 4:14
Jah Jah Way Yabby U 3:31
Jah Love Yabby U 2:33
Jah Love Yabby U 2:29
Jah Love Dub Yabby You & King Tubby 3:07
Jah Love Dub Yabby U 3:07
Jah Mercies Yabby U 4:03
Jah Mercies Yabby You & King Tubby 3:37
Jah Over I Yabby U ?:??
Jah Vengeance Vivian Jackson and The Sons of Jah 2:48
Jah Vengeance Yabby You & Trinity 5:37
Jah Vengeance Yabby U 2:54
Jah Vengeance Yabby U 5:40
Jah Vengeance Yabby U 2:51
Jah Vengeance [12" Mix] Yabby You 5:34
Jah Vengence Yabby U 2:47
Jerusalem Yabby U 3:48
Jerusalem Dub Yabby U 3:42
Jesus Dread Yabby You : Trinity meets Dillinger 3:25
Judas Yabby U ?:??
Judgement In Dub Yabby U 2:59
Judgement On the Land Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 3:03
Judgement On the Land Yabby U 3:03
Judgement Time Yabby U 3:12
Judgement Time Yabby U 3:10
Judgement Time Vivian Jackson & Yabby You 3:21
Judgement Time Yabbi You 3:10
Judgement Time Yabby U 3:35
Judgement Time Yabby You Vibration, The ?:??
Judgement Time (JEB1 edit) Yabby U 3:29
Kibriel Amlack (Live) Yabby U, Mad Professor &The Robotics 5:58
King Of Kings (prev. unreleased) Yabby You 6:20
King Pharoah's Plague (Live) Yabby U, Mad Professor &The Robotics 6:24
King Tubby's Sound Yabby U 3:58
King Tubby's Vibes Yabby U 3:30
Know Your Culture Yabby U 2:55
Lady Lady Yabby U 3:47
Last Judgement of Dub Yabby U 3:29
Let Us Repatriate Yabby You 4:11
Live Trap (Death Trap) [12" Mix] Yabby You 5:22
Living Style Yabby U 3:17
Living Style Yabby U 3:17
Lonely Me Yabby U 3:22
Lonely Me Vivian Jackson & Yabby You 3:24
Lonely Me Yabby U 3:46
Lonely Me Yabby You Vibration, The ?:??
Love and Peace Yabby U 2:39
Love in Zambia Vivian Jackson & Yabby You 3:24
Love in Zimba Yabby U 3:20
Love In Zimba Yabby You Vibration, The ?:??
Love In Zimbabwe Yabby U 3:18
Love Me, Love Me, Girl Yabby You 3:09
Love of Jah Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 3:04
Love of Jah Yabby U 3:29

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