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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Lost Illusions (Masturbation mix edit) Shazz 6:00
Lost Illusions (Masturbation mix) Shazz 8:28
Lost Illusions (Orange mix) Shazz 7:45
Lounging Around Shazz 6:01
Lounging Around Shazz 5:53
Lounging Around Shazz FRR340100010 5:32
Lounging Around Shazz 5:04
Lounging Around (part of “Bar Lounge Classics: Summer Edition” DJ-mix) Shazz 5:44
Love You My Way Shazz feat. Germain Williams 3:59
Love You My Way Shazz & St. Germain 4:00
Marathon Man Shazz FRV229400019 4:41
Marathon Man (LN'S remix) Shazz FRV229400020 6:14
Midtro Shazz FRR349800070 0:35
Mirage Shazz 4:27
Mirage Shazz 4:16
Mirage Shazz FRR340800150 4:06
Mirage (part of a “Hôtel Costes, Volume 11” DJ‐mix) Shazz feat. Michael Robinson 4:28
Moody Dub Shazz 5:11
Moonflower (First version Ever mix) Shazz 6:23
Moonflower (First version Ever mix) Shazz 6:20
Moonflower (original mix) Shazz 6:07
Mother Shazz 2:05
Mother Shazz 2:08
Mother Shazz 2:19
Muse Q the Music Shazz + St. Germain feat. Derek Bays 6:07
Muse Q the Music (remix) Shazz + St. Germain feat. Derek Bays 7:22
Muse Q the Music (Rhythm Appella) Shazz + St. Germain feat. Derek Bays 5:29
Muse Q the Music (The Remix) Shazz & St. Germain 6:24
My Heart Shazz feat. Nancy Danino FRR340400090 3:46
My Heart (Next Evidence dub mix) Shazz FRR340400095 5:46
My Heart (Next Evidence main mix) Shazz 7:09
My Heart (Quand tu m'abandonnes) (Mode-F remix) Shazz FRR340400093 6:03
My Only Love Shazz feat. Deborah Parker FRR340400100 4:40
New York City Vibes Shazz 6:03
Nothing Can Come Between Us Shazz FRR340100060 5:28
On & On Shazz feat. Nancy Danino FRR340400010 3:09
On & On (Future-Funk main vocal club mix) Shazz FRR340400014 7:25
Organ Dub Shazz 5:58
Outro Shazz 2:37
Outro Shazz 2:27
Petit Dub Shazz FRV229400021 2:30
Place St. Georges Shazz FRV229600072 3:46
Pray Shazz feat. Alec C FRR349800090 5:09
Pray (Bob Sinclar Breeze edit) Shazz 3:45
Pray (Summer Breeze 12" mix) Shazz FRR349800183 5:55
Pray (Summer Breeze 12" mix) (feat. Alec C.) Shazz 2:43
Quarter 2: Le Fruit Shazz 5:30
Ring Shazz 4:56
Shazalaar Shazz 5:48
Sit Down Shazz 3:47
Sit Down Shazz 3:47
So Beautiful You Are Shazz 6:42
So Into You Shazz feat. Nancy Danino FRR340400060 3:38
So Into You Shazz & Nancy Danino 3:26
The Earless Man Song (Vibrations mix) Shazz 5:45
The Inner Side 99 (Lenny Fontana Deep & Horny Vocal mix) Shazz 7:25
This Rhythm Sound Shazz feat. Deborah Parker FRR340400040 3:40
Unreleased (El Camino - Part 3) Shazz FRR349800251 6:09
You Come & Go (Thomas Toussaint remix) Shazz FRR340400051 3:53
You Come and Go Shazz feat. Deborah Parker FRR340400050 3:15
Your Love Shazz FRR340100030 6:31
Your Love Shazz 4:36

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