member of: Cherish the Ladies (American all-female Celtic band)
parents: Joe Madden (Irish accordionist)
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Wikidata: Q2233508 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
The Black Rose (Roisin Dubh) Joanie Madden 4:35
Bonkers in Yonkers
The Conspiracy
The Tapas Reel
The Tapas Reel Set
After the Fleadh / Running Through the Woods With Keetu flute Paul Winter and Friends 6:46
An Poc Ar Buile (The Mad Puck Goat) flute and tin whistle Cherish the Ladies 4:15
Farewell to Govan whistle Paul Winter and Friends 3:00
Jim Conroy's - Jig flute Séamus Connolly ?:??
Magh Seola (The Level Plain) whistle Boston Pops Orchestra, Keith Lockhart 4:23
Molly, Put the Kettle On - Reel flute Séamus Connolly ?:??
My Fair and Faithful Love / Blarney Pilgrim whistle Paul Winter and Friends 5:26
O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick whistle Paul Winter and Friends 4:37
O'Reilly's Fancy - Reel whistle Séamus Connolly ?:??
Scarlet Ribbons tin whistle Sinéad O’Connor 4:15
Skye Boat Song tin whistle John Boswell 5:37
Tart ar an Ól - Jig flute Séamus Connolly ?:??
The Black Rose (Roisin Dubh) low whistle and tin whistle Joanie Madden 4:35
The Boat to Bofin - Jig fiddle Séamus Connolly ?:??
The Cameronian Set flute Cherish the Ladies 5:26
The Cameronian Set whistle [whistles] Cherish the Ladies 5:26
The Edenderry - Reel flute Séamus Connolly ?:??
The One-Horned Buck - Reel tin whistle Séamus Connolly ?:??
The Violin tin whistle Brian Dewan & Eileen Ivers 4:00
Whelan's Auld Sow - Jig flute Séamus Connolly ?:??
Women of Ireland (Mna na h’Eireann) low whistle and tin whistle Joanie Madden 4:12
Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul flute Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul
Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul whistle [whistles] Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul
Festival of the Heart flute and tin whistle John Boswell
On Christmas Night alto flute, button accordion, tin whistle and transverse flute Cherish the Ladies
Magh Seola (The Level Plain) (feat. Joanie Madden) Boston Pops Orchestra 4:21
On Christmas Night Cherish the Ladies
On Christmas Night background vocals Cherish the Ladies