Don Johnson (US actor)

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involved with: Pamela Des Barres
Cybill Shepherd
Barbra Streisand (1986 – 1988-09)
married: Melanie Griffith (1976-01 – 1976-07)
Melanie Griffith (1989 – 1996)
has personal publisher: Don Johnson Music Publishing
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Little One’s Lullaby guitar Don Johnson 3:24
A Better Place (Duet With Yuri) Don Johnson 5:24
Angel City background vocals Don Johnson 4:24
Angel City lead vocals Don Johnson 4:24
Five‐Thousand‐Dollar Nigga’s and Gummy Mouth Bitches (dialogue from Django Unchained) Big Daddy spoken vocals Big Daddy 0:56
Let It Roll lead vocals Don Johnson 4:22
Little One’s Lullaby lead vocals Don Johnson 3:24
Lonely Too Long lead vocals Don Johnson 4:20
Other People’s Lives background vocals Don Johnson 5:28
Other People’s Lives lead vocals Don Johnson 5:28
Tell It Like It Is lead vocals Don Johnson 4:30
Till I Loved You (album version) Barbra Streisand with Don Johnson 5:10
Till I Loved You (radio edit) Barbra Streisand with Don Johnson 4:17
What If It Takes All Night lead vocals Don Johnson 4:09
When You Only Loved Me lead vocals Don Johnson 3:57
Your Love Is Safe With Me lead vocals Don Johnson 4:27
Angel City
Blind Love
Let It Roll
Little One’s Lullaby