The Angels (60’s girl group, best known for “My Boyfriend’s Back”)

~ Group


Album + Compilation

1963Golden Goodies, Vol. 1Various Artists1
1963The No. 1 Hits 1963Various Artists1
1968WFIL Famous 56 Music PowerVarious Artists1
1970Pin‐Ball RockVarious Artists1
197225 Rock Revival Greats Vol. 2Various Artists1
1977Rock RevivalVarious Artists51
1985Super Oldies: The SixtiesVarious Artists1
198620 Greatest Hits 1964Various Artists1
198720 Years of No. 1 Hits: 1956–1975Various Artists2
198760's Dance PartyVarious Artists1
1987Senior PromVarious Artists2
1987Yesterdays Gold: 120 Golden Oldies, Volume 3Various Artists1
198830 Million Sellers From the Rock ’n’ Roll YearsVarious Artists1
1988Golden Oldies on CD Vol. 4Various Artists1
1988Hit‐Diary, Volume 6: 1963Various Artists1
1988The 60's CollectionVarious Artists2
1988The Rock Box: The History of Rock 'n' RollVarious Artists1
1989Let The Good Times Roll, Vol. 2Various Artists1
1989Rockfile, Volume 10Various Artists1
1989Rockfile, Volume 19Various Artists1
1989Rockin' USA: New York Rock: The '60sVarious Artists1
1989The Best of Jukebox RockVarious Artists1
1989The Best of Louie Louie, Volume 2Various Artists2
1989The Rock ’n’ Roll Era: The ’60s: Keep On Rockin’Various Artists1
199024 Karat Classic Rock & Roll (1990 Edition/Volume II)Various Artists1
1990101 Number One Hit RecordsVarious Artists51
1990Hits of the Sixties, Volume OneVarious Artists1
1990Hot Rod ClassicsVarious Artists1
1990Nr. 1 Hits 1959-1964Various Artists1
1990Rock'n'Roll Music: Downtown Girls & Uptown LadiesVarious Artists1
1990The Best of the Girl Groups, Volume 2Various Artists51
1990The History of Rock: For Lovers Only, Volume 1Various Artists1
1990The Rock 'n' Roll Era: The '60s: Last DanceVarious Artists1
199125 Years of #1 HitsVarious Artists1
1991Dancin’ & Romancin’ in the ’50s and ’60sVarious Artists1
1991Do You Wanna Dance (disc 1)Various Artists1
1991Jukebox Hits of 1961, Volume 2Various Artists1
1991Jukebox Hits of 1963, Volume 2Various Artists1
1991Jukebox Hits of 1964, Volume 1Various Artists1
1991More Rock’n’Roll Love SongsVarious Artists1
1991Superhits: 1962Various Artists1
1991The Rock 'n' Roll Era: The '60s: Last DanceVarious Artists1
1991The Rock 'n' Roll Era: The '60s: Teen TimeVarious Artists1
1991The Rock 'n' Roll Era: US No. 1sVarious Artists1
1991The Rock Box: 100 Golden Rockers, Volume 4Various Artists1
199270 Ounces of Gold: Pure GoldVarious Artists12
1992100 Rock ’n’ Roll HitsVarious Artists5
1992Jukebox Hits of 1963, Volume 3Various Artists1
1992Jukebox Hits of 1964, Volume 3Various Artists1
1992Le Doo-wop : C'est plus fort que toiVarious Artists1
1992The Sixties Decade 1960-1969Various Artists1
1992The World of the 50's & 60'sVarious Artists1
1993At the Hop!Various Artists1
1993Billboard Top Rock & Roll Hits: 1963Various Artists2
1993California Dream GirlsVarious Artists1
1993De Pre Historie 1963, Volume 2Various Artists1
1993Leaders of the Pack: The Very Best of 60's Girl GroupsVarious Artists1
1993Remember! The Great Hits From the Girl GroupsVarious Artists1
1993Spotlite on Gee Records, Volume 1Various Artists1
1993The Fabulous 60'sVarious Artists1
1993The Girls' Sound: 50 Hits (1957-1966)Various Artists1
1993The Sixties: 25 Classic Hits, Volume 1Various Artists1
1994Tom Shannon Presents...The Rockin' Rebels32
1994Spotlite on Gee Records, Volume 3Various Artists1
1994Love SongsVarious Artists1
1994Teen RomanceVarious Artists1
1994World Hits 1963Various Artists1
1995#1 Hits of the SixtiesVarious Artists1
1995Early Girls, Volume 1: Popsicles & IciclesVarious Artists41
1995AM Gold: 1962Various Artists1
1995Girls on TopVarious Artists1
1995My Boyfriend's Back! The Story of the Girl GroupsVarious Artists1
1995The American DinerVarious Artists1
1995The Heart of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1962Various Artists1
1996Doo-Wop Groups and CroonersVarious Artists1
1996Growin' Up Too FastVarious Artists1
1996Oldies 5: Rock’n’Roll 4Various Artists1
1996Only Rock 'n' Roll 1960 - 1964: #1 Radio HitsVarious Artists2
1996Stand By Your ManVarious Artists1
1997Sun JammingVarious Artists12
1997Rock n' Roll Reunion: Class of 63Various Artists1
199750 Rock And Roll LovesongsVarious Artists1
19971960's Rock 'n' Roll CollectionVarious Artists1
1997Rock’n’Roll Classics: Wild OneVarious Artists1
1997The Best of Juke Box Hits of the 60sVarious Artists2
1997The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll: 1963Various Artists2
1997The Heart of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1962-1963, Take TwoVarious Artists1
1997The Ultimate History of Rock ’n’ Roll Collection: Chapter Five: Girl Group SoundVarious Artists1
1997Then He Kissed Me: Hits of the 60'sVarious Artists51
1998Rock ’n’ Roll ClassicsVarious Artists1
1998Rock n' Roll of the 60'sVarious Artists1
1999The 60's Decade: Number One HitsVarious Artists1
1999The 60s Ultimate Collection: The History of RockVarious Artists1
1999Forever Love: Love Songs, Volume IIVarious Artists1
1999George Goldner Presents The Gee StoryVarious Artists1
1999Glory Days of Rock 'n' Roll: Girl-Group SoundVarious Artists1
1999Glory Days of Rock 'n' Roll: Teen BalladsVarious Artists1
1999HeartbreakerVarious Artists1
1999Rock & Roll Greatest Hits, Volume 1Various Artists1
1999Rock & Roll Greatest Hits, Volume 2Various Artists1

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