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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
/Snāk/ Dissimulator feat. Austin Dickey 3:43
Butchered Dissimulator 3:06
Crushed to Ashes (interlude) Dissimulator 1:38
Death For the Dead Dissimulator 3:32
Forgotten Home Dissimulator 2:50
I Was Born With a Gun to My Head Dissimulator 3:29
Killing Time Dissimulator 3:51
Like Father, Like Son Dissimulator 4:04
Like Father, Like Son Dissimulator 4:00
Orphans Dissimulator 3:07
Shadows Dissimulator 5:09
Stray From the Lepers Dissimulator 3:42
Sycophant Dissimulator 4:24
Tale of a Demon Dissimulator 3:07
Teeth of the Shark Dissimulator 4:05
The Catalyst Dissimulator 3:19
The Day Satan Fell Dissimulator 4:29
The Derelict Dissimulator 3:21
The Descent Dissimulator 2:58
This Is Darkness Dissimulator 4:03
This Is Darkness Dissimulator 4:02
Thy Kingdom Come Dissimulator 1:55

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