Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Man of Great Promise 4:16
A Stone's Throw Away 2:54
A Stones Throw Away (demo version) 2:54
All Gone Away 3:59
Boy Who Cried Wolf 4:21
Come to Milton Keynes 2:37
Down in the Seine 2:17
Everything to Lose 3:51
Internationalists 3:57
Internationalists 4:17
Long Hot Summer ?:??
Luck 3:12
Our Favorite Shop 2:59
Our Favorite Shop ?:??
Our Favourite Shop 1:32
Our Favourite Shop (alternative) 4:56
Shout to the Top 2:35
Shout to the Top 2:44
The Big Boss Groove 4:20
The Lodgers 3:21
The Piccadilly Trail 4:56
The Stand Up Comic's Instructions 3:31
The Whole Point of No Return 5:01
Walls Come Tumbling Down 5:17
With Everything to Lose 2:21
You're the Best Thing 2:52
You’re the Best Thing ?:??

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