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vocals support by: Helen Morgan
founded: Williamson Music, Inc.
Williamson Music Company (1945)
has personal publisher: Williamson Music, Inc.
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
The Sound of Music (1965 film cast) Rodgers & Hammerstein
The Sound of Music (1965 film cast, reissue, remastered, RE4) Rodgers & Hammerstein
The Sound of Music (1965 film cast) Rodgers & Hammerstein
The Sound of Music (1965 film cast, club edition) Rodgers & Hammerstein
The Sound of Music: An Original Soundtrack Recording (1965 film cast) Rodgers & Hammerstein
1925 Here in My Arms
1925 Manhattan
1926 Blue Room
1926 Mountain Greenery
1926 Peggy-Ann
1927 My Heart Stood Still
1927 Thou Swell
1928 You Took Advantage of Me
1929 A Ship Without a Sail
1929 Why Do You Suppose?
1929 With a Song in My Heart
1930 Dancing on the Ceiling (1930 Rodgers & Hart song)
1930 Ten Cents a Dance
1931 I've Got Five Dollars
1932 Isn’t It Romantic? (from 1932 film "Love Me Tonight")
1932 Lover
1934 Blue Moon
1935 It’s Easy to Remember (and So Hard to Forget)
1935 Little Girl Blue
1935 My Romance
1936 There’s a Small Hotel (from "On Your Toes")
1937 Have You Met Miss Jones?
1937 I Wish I Were in Love Again
1937 Johnny One Note
1937 My Funny Valentine (from "Babes in Arms")
1937 The Lady Is a Tramp (from "Babes in Arms")
1937 Where or When
1938 Falling in Love With Love
1938 Spring Is Here
1938 This Can’t Be Love
1939 Give It Back to the Indians
1939 I Didn’t Know What Time It Was (Pal Joey)
1940 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (Pal Joey)
1940 It Never Entered My Mind
1942 Ev’rything I’ve Got
1942 Wait Till You See Her
1943 To Keep My Love Alive
1945 It Might as Well Be Spring (State Fair)
1945 That’s for Me (State Fair)
1947 So Far
1952 – 1953 No Other Love
1955 Loin de mes rêves
1962 The Sweetest Sounds (No Strings)
(When I Marry) Mister Snow (Carousel)
『トーマス伯父さんの小さな家』 (王様と私)
16 ans, presque 17 ans
A Cockeyed Optimist (South Pacific)
A Connecticut Yankee
A Fellow Needs a Girl (from "Allegro")
A Hundred Million Miracles (Flower Drum Song)
A Lovely Night
A Puzzlement (The King and I)
A Real Nice Clambake (Carousel)
A Tree in the Park
À vos quinze ans
A Waltz Carousel (medley)
All at Once
All At Once You Love Her (Pipe Dream)
All er Nuthin’
All I Owe Ioway (State Fair)
Allegro (from the musical "Allegro")
Allegro (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical)
Allein bist Du nie
Allies on the March (Victory at Sea)
An Ordinary Couple (The Sound of Music)
An Orthodox Fool
Anna and the Royal Wives
Arrival at Bangkok
As Once I Loved You
At the Golden Pearl
Atlantic Blues
Away From You
Babes in Arms (full musical)
Babes in Arms
Babes in Arms: Overture
Bali Ha’i (South Pacific)
Ballet: Pas de deux ("Billy Makes a Journey") (Carousel)
Bargaining (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
Be My Host
Beneath the Southern Cross (Victory at Sea)
Bloody Mary (South Pacific)
Blow High, Blow Low (Carousel)
Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)
Bonsoir… Farewell
Boys and Girls Like You and Me
By Jupiter
Bye and Bye (Dearest Enemy)
C'est le printemps
C'est un nid charmant
Calhoun's Follies (Intro)
Carousel (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical)
Carousel Selections
Carousel Waltz / Ballet
Carousel: A Symphonic Portrait
Chanson des collines
Children Sing, Priests Chant
Chop Suey (Flower Drum Song)
Christmas at Hampton Court
Cinderella (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical)
Cinderella March
Cinderella: Finale
Cinderella: Overture
Circus on Parade
Climb Ev’ry Mountain (The Sound of Music)
Come Home (from "Allegro")
D-Day (Victory at Sea)
Danger Down Deep (Victory at Sea)
De plaine en montagne
Dearest Enemy (medley)
Death and Debris
Dites-moi (South Pacific)
Do I Hear a Waltz? (Rodgers/Sondheim musical)
Do I Hear a Waltz? (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
Do I Hear You Saying "I Love You"? (from "Present Arms")
Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? (Cinderella)
Do It the Hard Way (Pal Joey)
Do‐Re‐Mi (The Sound of Music)
Do‐ré‐mi (The Sound of Music, French version)
Don't Marry Me (Flower Drum Song)
Driving at Night / Our State Fair
Eager Beaver
Easy to Remember
Edelweiss (The Sound of Music)
Edelweiss (German version of the song from “The Sound of Music”)
Edelweiss (The Sound of Music, french version)
En slump
Entr'acte (South Pacific)
Entr'acte (State Fair)
Ev'rybody Loves You
Everybody's Got a Home but Me (Pipe Dream)
Fair Dance (State Fair, 1962)
Fan Tan Fannie (Flower Drum Song)
Fiddlin' Off Watch
Finale (Oklahoma!)
Finale (The King and I)
Finale (State Fair)
Finale (Babes in Arms)
Finale (Te Deum) (Rex)
Fire on the Waters (Victory at Sea)
Flower Drum Song (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical)
From Afar
Full Fathom Five (Victory at Sea)
für mein Glück (My Romance)
Garden Rendezvous
Geraniums in the Winder (Carousel)
Getting to Know You (The King and I)
Getting to Know You / I Whistle a Happy Tune
Give it to 'em good, Carrie... (Carousel)
Glad to Be Unhappy
Gliding Through My Memory (Flower Drum Song)
Grant Avenue (Flower Drum Song)
Great Big Town
Guadalcanal March (Victory at Sea)
Happy Talk (South Pacific)
Hard Work and Horseplay (Victory at Sea)
He Was Too Good to Me
Hello, Young Lovers (The King and I)
Here We Are Again (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
Higher and Higher
Honey Bun (South Pacific)
Hooked on Rodgers & Hammerstein
How Can Love Survive? (The Sound of Music)
How Sad
Hymn of Victory
Hymne du matin et Alleluia
I Am Going to Like It Here (Flower Drum Song)
I Cain’t Say No
I Could Write a Book
I Do Not Know a Day I Didn't Love You
I Enjoy Being a Girl (Flower Drum Song)
I Have Confidence (The Sound of Music)
I Have Dreamed (The King and I)
I Married an Angel (full musical)
I Married an Angel
I Must Love You
I Whistle a Happy Tune (The King and I)
I'll Tell the Man in the Street
I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair (South Pacific)
I’m in Love With a Wonderful Guy (South Pacific)
I’m Your Girl (from the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical "Me and Juliet")
Ich glaub, 'ne Dame werd ich nie (The Lady Is a Tramp)
If I Loved You (Japanese version)
If I Loved You (Carousel)
If I Were You (Betsy)
Imagine (Babes in Arms)
Impossible / It's Possible
In My Own Little Corner
In Our Little Den of Iniquity
In Time
Isn’t It Kinda Fun? (State Fair)
It's a Scandal! It's a Outrage!
It's Crazy
It’s a Grand Night for Singing (State Fair)
It’s Got to Be Love
J'ai confiance en moi
J'voudrais encore être amoureux
Je suis un méchant
Johnny One-Note Ballet
June Is Bustin’ Out All Over (Carousel)
Kansas City (Oklahoma!)
Kära båt
King & I Medley
L'amour viendra (If I Loved You)
La Grosse Jocelyne
La La La
Laendler (The Sound of Music)
Le berger solitaire
Light on Their Feet
Like a God (Flower Drum Song)
Loads of Love
Loneliness of Evening
Lonely Room (Oklahoma!)
Look No Further
Love Makes the World Go
Love Never Went to College
Love, Look Away (Flower Drum Song)
Many a New Day
March of the Siamese Children (The King and I)
Mare Nostrum (Victory at Sea)
Maria (The Sound of Music)
Maria (The Sound of Music, french version)
Marriage Type Love (from the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical "Me and Juliet")
Mediterranean Mosaic (Victory at Sea)
Mes joies quotidiennes
Mimi (from 1932 film "Love Me Tonight")
Mimi (film "Aimez-moi ce soir")
Moon in My Window (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
Moon of My Delight
More Than Just a Friend (State Fair, 1962)
My Best Love
My Favorite Things (The Sound of Music)
My Funny Valentine (arr. Bjørn Kruse)
My Girl Back Home
My Lord and Master (The King and I)
My Own Individual Star
Never Say No to a Man (State Fair, 1962)
No Song More Pleasing
No Strings
No Understand (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
No Way to Stop It (The Sound of Music)
Nobody Told Me
Nobody's Heart (Belongs to Me)
Now That I Know You
Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’ (Oklahoma!)
Oi kuu
Oklahoma! (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical)
Oklahoma! Medley
Oklahoma! Overture
On Your Toes
Out of My Dreams
Ouverture et Prélude
Over and Over Again
Overture (Flower Drum Song)
Overture (Me and Juliet)
Overture (from "Allegro")
Overture (The King and I)
Pal Joey
Peggy-Ann (medley)
Peleliu (Victory at Sea)
People Will Say We’re in Love
Perfectly Lovely Couple (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
Peter's Journey Ballet
Pipe Dream (1955 stage musical)
Plant You Now, Dig You Later (Pal Joey)
Popurijs Mūzikas skaņas (selections from The Sound of Music)
Pore Jud Is Daid
Prayer to Buddha (The King and I)
Prélude et Chansons des collines
Preludium (The Sound of Music)
Procession et Maria (The Sound of Music, french version)
Processional (The Sound of Music)
Quadrille au village
Quiet Night (On Your Toes)
Rex: Overture and Te Deum
Rien que toi (You'll Never Walk Alone)
Rings Around Rabaul (Victory at Sea)
Romance Medley (State Fair, 1962)
Royal Dressing Room Scene
Schlittenfahrt (The Surrey With the Fringe on Top)
Sentimental Me
Shall I Tell You What I Think of You? (The King and I)
Shall We Dance? (The King and I)
Ships That Pass (Victory at Sea)
Simple Simon
Sing for Your Supper
Sixteen Going on Seventeen (The Sound of Music)
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
So Big a World
So Long, Farewell (The Sound of Music)
So Much You Loved Me
Sök dig till bergen (Swedish version of “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”)
Soliloquy (Carousel)
Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific)
Someone Like You (from "Do I Hear a Waltz?")
Someone Woke Up (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
Something Good (The Sound of Music)
Something Wonderful (The King and I)
Song of the King (The King and I)
Soon (From the film "Mississippi")
Sound of Music Selections
South Pacific (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical)
South Pacific Selections
South Pacific: Overture
South Pacific: Symphonic Scenario for Concert Orchestra
State Fair (1945 film soundtrack)
State Fair (1962 film soundtrack)
State Fair
State Fair: Finale Ultimo
State Fair: Opening
State Fair: Overture (1996 stage musical)
State Fair: Overture / Main Title
Stay (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
Stay There
Stepsisters' Lament
Submarines in a Calm Sea
Sunday (Flower Drum Song)
Symphonic Scenario (Victory at Sea)
Take Him
Take the Moment (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
Ten Minutes Ago (Cinderella)
Thank You So Much (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
That Terrific Rainbow (Pal Joey)
That's the Way It Happens
The Approaching Enemy
The Boys From Syracuse
The Carousel Waltz (Carousel)
The Chase
The Farmer and the Cowman
The Field of Cloth of Gold / Where Is My Son?
The Garrick Gaieties
The Gentleman Is a Dope (Allegro)
The Girl Friend (medley)
The Heart Is Quicker Than the Eye
The Highest Judge of All (Carousel)
The King and I (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical)
The King and I: Main Title (from the 1956 film)
The Letter (The King and I)
The Little Things in Texas (State Fair, 1962)
The Lonely Goatherd (The Sound of Music)
The Magnetic North (Victory at Sea)
The Man I Used to Be (Pipe Dream)
The Man Who Has Everything
The March: The Take Off / Communication Established (South Pacific)
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
The Most Filial Son
The Next Time It Happens
The Other Generation (Flower Drum Song)
The Pacific Boils Over (Victory at Sea)
The Poor Apache (from 1932 film "Love Me Tonight")
The Prince Is Giving a Ball
The Royal Bangkok Academy (The King and I)
The Search
The Sermon (Carousel)
The Silent Treatment
The Small House of Uncle Thomas (The King and I)
The Song of the High Seas (Victory at Sea)
The Sound of Music (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical)
The Sound of Music (The Sound of Music)
The Sound Of Music Medley
The Sound of Music: A Symphonic Picture for Orchestra
The Sound of Victory (Victory at Sea)
The Sunny Pacific Islands
The Surrey With the Fringe on Top
The Turkey Shoot (Victory at Sea)
The Turning Point (Victory at Sea)
The Wedding
The Wee Golden Warrior
Theme of Growing and Building
Theme of the Fast Carriers (Victory at Sea)
There Is Nothing Like a Dame (South Pacific)
There's Nothin' So Bad for a Woman (Carousel, aka "Stonecutters Cut It on Stone")
Thinking (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
This Is How It Feels
This Isn't Heaven (State Fair, 1962)
This Nearly Was Mine (South Pacific)
This Week Americans (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
Too Good for the Average Man
Too Many Girls (musical)
Tunnel of Love additional
Twin Soliloquies (South Pacific)
Two by Two
Une bonne action
Victory at Sea
Vinter i skärgår’n
Vous auriez bien pu
Voyage Into Fate (Victory at Sea)
Waltz for a Ball (Cinderella)
Waltz of Anna and Sir Edward (The King and I)
Way Out West
We Kiss in a Shadow (The King and I)
We're Gonna Be All Right (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
Western People Funny (The King and I)
What a Lovely Day for a Wedding (Allegro [Ensemble, Mr. Brinker])
What Do I Care for a Dame
What Do We Do? We Fly! (Do I Hear a Waltz?)
What Is a Man
What’s the Use of Wond’rin’ (Carousel)
When I Go Out Walking With My Baby
When the Children Are Asleep (Carousel)
When You're Driving Through the Moonlight
Why Can't I?
Willing and Eager (State Fair, 1962)
You Are Beautiful (Flower Drum Song)
You Are Never Away
You Are So Fair
You Are Too Beautiful
You Don't Tell Me
You Mustn't Kick It Around (Pal Joey)
You Never Had It So Good
You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan (Carousel)
You're Nearer
You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel)
You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught
Younger Than Springtime
Zip (Pal Joey)
サムシング ワンダフル (王様と私)
シャル ウイ ダンス? (王様と私)
ドレミの歌 (Do‐Re‐Mi) Richard Rodgers
パズルメント (王様と私)
ハロー、ヤング ラバーズ! (王様と私)
マイ ロード アンド マスター (王様と私)
仲良くしましょう (王様と私)
口笛ふいて (王様と私)
木陰の口づけ (王様と私)
私の気持ちは (王様と私)
私は夢に見た (王様と私)
臨終 (王様と私)
Babes in Arms (full musical)
By Jupiter
I Married an Angel (full musical)
On Your Toes
No Strings (1962 original Broadway cast) Richard Rodgers
No Strings (1962 original Broadway cast) Richard Rodgers
No Strings (1962 original Broadway cast) Richard Rodgers
1962 The Sweetest Sounds (No Strings)
An Orthodox Fool
Be My Host
Eager Beaver
Fair Dance (State Fair, 1962)
How Sad
I Have Confidence (The Sound of Music)
La La La
Loads of Love
Look No Further
Love Makes the World Go
More Than Just a Friend (State Fair, 1962)
Never Say No to a Man (State Fair, 1962)
No Strings
Nobody Told Me
Romance Medley (State Fair, 1962)
Something Good (The Sound of Music)
State Fair (1962 film soundtrack)
The Little Things in Texas (State Fair, 1962)
The Man Who Has Everything
This Isn't Heaven (State Fair, 1962)
Willing and Eager (State Fair, 1962)
You Don't Tell Me
Capitol Sings Rodgers and Hammerstein: Hello, Young Lovers Various Artists
The Soul of Richard Rodgers Billy Porter
With A Song In My Heart John Pizzarelli
2005-03-19 Happy Birthday to Stephen Sondheim [anonymous] ?:??
Friars Club Tribute: Richard Rodgers (The Sweetest Sounds) spoken vocals Richard Rodgers 2:01
The Sweetest Sounds spoken vocals Richard Rodgers 1:59
The Sweetest Sounds (Friars Club Tribute) spoken vocals Richard Rodgers 2:01
Nothing But You
Send for Me
The Club Is Alive
Wait 'til You See Him
Wind It Up
Yours Sincerely