2000AdvanceTotal Science2
2004Good GameTotal Science4
2006Mars Needs... Total ScienceTotal Science1

Album + Compilation

2001Audioworks 01Total Science1
2002Audioworks 03Total Science1
2003Audioworks 04Total Science1
2003Audioworks 05Total Science1
2004Audioworks 06Total Science2

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2007Breakbeat Science: Exercise 6Total Science1


1996Method / RotationTotal Science2
1997Algebra / Force FieldTotal Science1
1998Espionage / NetworkTotal Science1
1998StepbackTotal Science1
1999E.S.P. / Moving TargetTotal Science1
1999Velocity / IronsideTotal Science1
1999Pressure Sensitive / SqueezeTotal Science1
2000Scope / Deal ItTotal Science1
2000Cashflow / P.S.I.Total Science1
2000March / TransformationTotal Science1
2000Get It On / Altered StateTotal Science1
2000Freak Me / Sophisticated BitchTotal Science1
2000Facts of Life / LustTotal Science1
2001Tuned-In: LP SamplerTotal Science1
2001Format / DirectTotal Science / Davide Carbone1
2001Breakout / MathmatixTotal Science / Access1
2001Borderline 2000 / Jungle JungleTotal Science1
2001Taxman / Gravy GirlsTotal Science1
2001Bustin' Loose / ElementaryTotal Science1
2001Extra Curricular / Jet SetTotal Science1
2001It's Not Over / We Hear DrumzTotal Science / Greg Packer1
2001Zodiac / BasicTotal Science1
2002Baby Oil / HammerheadTotal Science1
2002Hot Spot / Love 2 UTotal Science1
2002Ice Cubes / Red CarpetTotal Science1
2002Sky Stalker / BurningTotal Science1
2003Cats Eyes / Bump and GrindTotal Science / Q Project1
2004White House / Picture PerfectTotal Science1
2004Whistles / Give Me Your LoveTotal Science1
2004Come On Baby / Muff DiverzTotal Science1
2005Defcon 69 / Loose EndsTotal Science1
2005Going in Circles / My SelectorTotal Science1
2005Wasting Time / ExpandTotal Science1
2006Battle Mix Volume 1DJ Marky & XRS vs.Total Science1
2006Millenium Lady / Straight InTotal Science1
2006Soul PatrolTotal Science3
2007Battle Mix Volume 3Total Science + Marky1
2007Catch Up / Trigga HappyTotal Science1
2008Up In Smoke / QuestionzTotal Science1
2008Let It Go / Flip FlopTotal Science1
2009Don't Lose Your Head / Stone LoveTotal Science1
2009Testimony / JerichoS.P.Y & Total Science1
2010Gangsta / Above the CloudsTotal Science & S.P.Y2
2010Redlines / SkinzTotal Science2
2010Legion / Ploc MonsterTotal Science & S.P.Y2
2011Venus Prime / Narrow MarginTotal Science & S.P.Y2
2012Piano FunkTotal Science & S.P.Y feat. Riya & DaM FunK1
2016Thinking About Tomorrow / On the EdgeDLR / DLR & Total Science1
2019C.I.A. vs. Phantom AudioTotal Science, Digital & Spirit1
2019Reality Check / RedemptionTotal Science & Jubei2
2019What Now? / Cool & DeadlyTotal Science & War1
2022Gun Finger / AcquiesceBreak & Total Science1
202225 Years of Metalheadz - Part 6 - Presenting 25 Years of Total ScienceTotal Science1
2022Blame You / AardvarkBreak & Total Science1

Single + Remix

1997Rotation (Spirit Remix)Total Science1
2000Dubplate (Total Science remix) / Breakfast ClubTotal Science1
2001Warp 3 (Total Science remix) / Juicy Fruit (Calibre remix 2)Marcus Intalex & ST Files / Total Science1
2001Jet Set (Invaderz remix) / Trouble (A Sides remix)Total Science / Q Project1
2002Squash RemixesTotal Science2
2003Nosher (Baron VIP) / Safety Clause (Tango & Ratty remix)Total Science / Q Project2
2005No Way Back / Picture Perfect (TC1 & Stress Level remix)TC1 & Stress Level / Total Science1
2006Trouble (Marky & Bungle Remix) / Jet Set (Cyantific Remix)Q Project / Total Science1
2007Breakfast Club (Break Remix) / Secada (Total Science Remix)Total Science / Beta 2 & Zero T1
2007Unreleased & Re-issuedTotal Science / Funky Technicians1
2007Bustin Loose / Here Comes The RainTotal Science / DJ Vapour1
2009Busytime (Break Remix) / Never Had A Dream (Furney Remix)Zero T / Total Science1
2009Soul Patrol (Lenzman's Deep in Your Soul remix) / Wasting Time (Total Science & Kaidi remix)Total Science & MC Conrad / Total Science feat. Darien Brockington & Phonte1
2009Tuned In Vol. 2 SamplerTotal Science / Gridlok1
2010Redlines (Break remix) / ScaremongerTotal Science2
2011Trespass / No Justice (Jubei Remix)Total Science1
2013Lightweight (Zero T remix) / Best Served Cold VIPTotal Science / Mutated Forms1
2015Pushin’ Your Luck / Obsolete (VIP)Total Science, Quadrant & Iris / Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris1
2016Soul Patrol RemixesTotal Science & MC Conrad1
2020Dog’s Dinner (Mefjus remix)Break & Total Science1
2020Lightweight (Break remix) / I Have You (Ill Truth remix)Total Science / Phaction1
2020Whispers in My Ear (Break remix) / Dog’s Dinner (Mefjus remix)Break feat. MC GQ / Break & Total Science1
2022Squash (Break remix)Total Science1


1997Aerospace EPTotal Science1
19995th Density / Radius / Break # 3Total Science1
1999Silent ReignTotal Science3
2000Make Me Feel E.PTotal Science1
2000Murder EPTotal Science1
2001Street Level E.P.Total Science2
2002On the Bridal EPTotal Science1
2002Rated-X E.P.Total Science1
2003Pop Psychology EPTotal Science1
2011Ghost RiderTotal Science & S.P.Y2
2013See Your Face EPTotal Science1
2016Notes of Blue EPTotal Science2
2017Turn Around EPTotal Science2
2017The Reign EPTotal ScienceHydroWar1

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