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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
2012 Andrade DEH740903836 7:10
2012 (Alex Niggemann Remix) Andrade DEH740903837 9:31
Bac a Sable Andrade 6:41
Bad Decision Andrade 6:43
Camden Market Andrade DEH740903838 7:27
Clouds Up Andrade 6:44
Dark Message Andrade 8:55
De Ja Vu Omar Feat. Andrade ?:??
Egregius Andrade 6:28
Face De Bouc Andrade 6:37
Face De Bouc Andrade 7:08
Face De Bouc (D'Julz remix) Andrade 8:07
Fingers (Dirk Lamprecht remix) (part of “Steve Bug: The Lab 02” DJ-mix) Andrade 5:12
Hype No Tool Andrade 7:46
Hype No Tool (Kiki remix) Andrade 7:10
Internal Affairs Andrade 6:21
Love Andrade 6:53
Madness Andrade 6:19
Magic Keys Andrade 7:15
Old Rules Andrade 6:50
Optimistic Andrade 6:02
Promise (part of a “Essential Ibiza 2015” DJ‐mix) Andrade 3:37
Prototype Andrade 6:45
Rush Minute Andrade 6:48
Sweet Disposition (Terence :Terry: remix) Andrade 5:09
The Daily Mail Andrade 7:31
The Swing of Justice Andrade 6:57

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