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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(Good Things) Come to Those Who Wait Immature 3:39
24/7 Immature 4:44
A Boy Like Me Immature 3:40
All Alone Immature 4:54
Anti Splurgian Girl Immature 0:04
Be My Girl Immature 4:29
Bring Your Lovin' Home Immature 4:06
Broken Heart Immature 4:17
Can't You See Immature 4:42
Candy Immature 4:55
Constantly Immature 5:43
Constantly Immature 5:44
Constantly Immature 5:10
Crazy Immature 4:00
Da Munchies Immature 4:24
Da Munchies Immature 4:25
Don't Ever Say Never Immature 4:24
Extra Extra Immature 4:30
Extra, Extra Immature 4:30
Feel the Funk Immature USMC19544923 4:44
Feel the Funk Immature 4:52
Feel the Funk Immature 4:52
Feel the Funk Immature 4:40
Feel the Funk Immature 4:42
Feel The Funk Immature 4:25
Funky Psychtro Enterview Immature 2:39
Give Up the Ghost Immature 4:14
Give Up the Ghost Immature 4:12
Give Up the Ghost Immature feat. Bizzy Bone ?:??
Honey Dip Immature 3:21
I Can't Stop the Rain Immature 3:45
I Can't Wait Immature 4:39
I Don't Know Immature 3:53
I Don't Mind Immature 4:27
I Don't Mind Immature 4:27
I Don't Mind (The Vibe mix) Immature 4:36
I Wanna Know U That Way Immature 3:32
I'll Give You Everything Immature 4:25
I'm Not a Fool Immature 4:30
I'm Not a Fool Immature 4:28
In & Out of Love Immature 3:44
In and Out of Love Immature 4:22
Is It Love This Time Immature 4:30
Is It Me? Immature 3:51
Just a Little Bit Immature 4:42
Just a Little Bit Immature 3:53
Just a Little Bit Immature USMC19443011 3:32
Keep It on the Low Immature 3:46
Let Me Hmm Hmm Hmm Immature 3:57
Look Into Your Eyes Immature 3:58
Lover's Groove Immature 4:04
Lover's Groove (feat. Shyheim) (remix) Immature ?:??
Meet Me Outside Immature 4:05
Mom's Illin' (Forty Oz. edit) Immature 0:27
Never Lie Immature 4:13
Never Lie Immature USMC19342995 4:04
Never Lie Immature 4:04
Never Lie Immature 4:17
Never Lie Immature ?:??
Never Lie (remix) Immature 4:15
Nothing but a Party Immature 3:32
Ooh Wee Baby Immature 3:47
Pager Immature 4:20
Pay You Back Immature 4:10
Please Don't Go Immature 4:32
Please Don't Go Immature 4:28
Please Don’t Go Immature 4:04
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Immature 4:10
Show Me Your Love (feat. Quindon) Immature 4:21
Stay the Night Immature 3:39
Summertime Immature 3:30
Sweetest Love Immature 3:41
Tamika Immature 4:29
Tear It Up Immature 3:25
Tear It Up (On Our Worst Behavior) Immature 3:25
Wakes You Up (House Party) Immature ?:??
Walk You Home Immature 3:19
Watch Me Do My Thang Immature 3:52
We Got It Immature 3:42
We Got It Immature featuring Smooth 3:40
We Got It Immature 3:24
We Got It Immature 3:23
We Got It Immature 3:40
We Got It Immature feat. Smooth 3:13
We Got It Immature 3:39
We Got It Immature 3:41
We Got It Immature & Smooth 3:41
We Got It (Marley Marl Pirate remix, Part 1) Immature 4:58
We Got It (remix) Immature 4:03
When It's Love Immature 4:04
Where Do We Go Immature 4:06
Wiser Than My Years Immature 5:21
You're All That Immature 5:01

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