M. Sayyid (Maurice Greene)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
1 Infinite Loop M.Sayyid 1:34
87 Thruway (Exclusive) M. Sayyid ?:??
99% M.Sayyid feat. Haji 2:55
Beams From Infinity M.Sayyid 0:49
Bubble in the Haze Scotty Hard feat. High Priest & Say Yid 4:58
Coming Soon The Alternative M. Sayyid ?:??
Cranked Instra M.Sayyid 0:20
Dark Blocks Scotty Hard feat. Say Yid 4:08
Don’t Make Me Hide Erzatz feat. M. Sayyid 3:42
Don’t Make Me Hide Erzatz feat. M. Sayyid 3:42
E40 Loop M. Sayyid ?:??
Eon M.Sayyid 3:16
Equal to the Sun M.Sayyid 2:37
Exactly (Exclusive) M. Sayyid ?:??
Fly Reverse Engineering & M.Sayyid 3:31
Fly Reverse Engineering feat. M. Sayyid 4:00
Freestyle M. Sayyid ?:??
Freestyle M. Sayyid ?:??
Freestyle (Wake Up) M. Sayyid ?:??
Freestyle (We Major) M. Sayyid ?:??
Future Shock Reverse Engineering, M.Sayyid & Blu Rum 13 4:30
Good Friday M. Sayyid 1:58
I'll Put You On M. Sayyid ?:??
Innerstel M.Sayyid 2:47
Intro M. Sayyid ?:??
La Raiders M.Sayyid 1:57
Late Night Yarlen and M. Sayyid 2:56
M. Sayyid Is The Future (Exclusive) M. Sayyid ?:??
M. Sayyid: A Short Story M. Sayyid ?:??
Magic Wand M.Sayyid 1:59
Miracle That Glows Reverse Engineering & M.Sayyid 4:15
Never Dead Viktor Vaughn feat. M. Sayyid as Curtis Strifer 3:27
Nosetalgia Freestyle M.Sayyid 2:00
October 10-16 M. Sayyid 1:53
On Everything M.Sayyid 1:13
Quarterback Freestyle M.Sayyid 1:57
Reflectin' M.Sayyid 1:32
Results M.Sayyid 3:12
Sayyid Airborn M. Sayyid ?:??
Scratch (intro) M. Sayyid 2:42
Scratch (intro) M. Sayyid 2:42
Shatterproof CX KiDTRONiK feat. Ruste Juxx, MF Grimm, Infinite EVOL, Sayyid Airborn 5:04
Silver Light M.Sayyid 3:14
Sky Lark Sibot & M. Sayyid 3:32
Spell It Out Freestyle M. Sayyid ?:??
Stimulus Stimulator / Good Friday High Priest / M. Sayyid 2:48
Sweet Nightmares M. Sayyid 2:37
The Hospital (Exclusive) M. Sayyid ?:??
Topflites Lazer Sword feat. M. Sayyid 3:39
Twilight Interlude Feat The Beach Boys M. Sayyid ?:??
We're Adding Up M.Sayyid feat. HPrizm 2:42
Your Black Asss (Skit) M. Sayyid ?:??

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