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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Climate Change Monogato 4:40
Climate Change (original mix edit) Monogato 4:37
Kim (original mix) Monogato 7:05
Miami Vibe Monogato 7:45
Miami Vibe (Omnia remix edit) Monogato 3:27
Miami Vibe (Omnia remix edit) Monogato 4:05
Miami Vibe (Omnia remix) Monogato 8:18
Miami Vibe (Omnia remix) Monogato 6:07
Miami Vibe (Omnia remix) (2009-12-31: A State of Trance #437, “Yearmix of 2009”) Monogato ?:??
Miami Vibe (Omnia remix) (part of “A State of Trance: Year Mix 2009” DJ‐mix) Monogato 1:56
Miami Vibe (Omnia remix) (part of a “A State of Trance 2009” DJ‐mix) Monogato NLF710902062 3 5:05
Miami Vibe (Omnia Remix) Monogato & Omnia 8:19
Sincere Monogato 4:26
Skunk Monogato 4:13
Sunday Cocktail Monogato 6:37
Sunday Cocktail (original mix) Monogato 6:37
Zero Compromise (original mix) Monogato 7:49

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