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- http://www.chudahs-corner.com/soundtracks

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Unspecified type

1993Interplay’s 10 Year AnthologyInterplay Entertainment1
1995The Smurfs[unknown]1
1996Fighters MegaMixVarious Artists1
1996Rise 2: ResurrectionVarious Artists1
1997Cool Boarders 2[unknown]1
2001Time Crisis: Project Titan[unknown]1
2007Freshmen OrientationVarious Artists1
Alice D. Update 1Various Artists1
Mortal Kombat 3Dan Forden1


2004Jetix: Chart Hits, Volume 1Various Artists1


1993The Tortoise and the HareJoey Edelman, Tim Keanini & Jane Scolieri1
1993The New Kid on the BlockJack Prelutsky & Joey Edelman1
1994SoulstarMartin Iveson1
1995Destruction DerbySwan1
1995Road RashElectronic Arts1
2009暁の護衛&暁の護衛~プリンシパルたちの休日~ ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK伊福部武史, Angel Note & Barbarian On The Groove1


1977The Sounds of Earth (NASA Voyager "Golden Record")Various Artists6
1994SYNERGY4 GENERATESynergy Music Network1
1996At the Speed of LifeXzibit43
1997Think Like a GirlDiana King4
1997Feel FreeCarolyn Arends2
1998Almost HereUnbelievable Truth5
1998Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG小林早織1
1998Two Pages4hero5
1998絆-kizuna-bermei & mirawi1
1998Бесполая и грустная любовьБи-222
1998Tori Do: The EpicVarious Artists1
1999MessengerEdwin McCain42
1999real seasonみらゐ & bermei1
19996 Cello Suiten (1999 recordings)Johann Sebastian Bach; Mischa Maisky1
2000MP Hip-Hop Project 2000 超Various Artists1
2001Pizzica la tarantulaVarious Artists1
2001Songs of LibertyOrange Blue1
2002The Beginning Stages Of…The Polyphonic Spree3.259
20022002 大韓民國Various Artists1
2002Let GoAvril Lavigne4.142
2003Love AffairSophie Zelmani2
2003The Ballroom & The LoungeBigtime1
2004RequiemWolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Christine Schäfer, Bernarda Fink, Kurt Streit, Gerald Finley, Concentus Musicus Wien, Arnold Schönberg Chor, Nikolaus Harnoncourt2
2004Let’s Bottle BohemiaThe Thrills3.54
2004Step By Step鄭融1
2004Music Traveller GreeceVarious Artists1
2005OK CowboyVitalic44
2005DubbletrubbelVarious Artists1
2005Everybody (Wants to Be Famous)Ashleigh Pitchén1
2006CabaretDas Ich44
2008KonkThe Kooks3.511
2008Nothing is More Expensive Than a Missed OpportunityCranbourne Secondary College1
2008Out of ControlValeriya6
2009GIGA OPENING SOUNDTRACK 2005-2008Various Artists1
2010The Defamation of Strickland BanksPlan B46
2010CineEugenia León1
2010Electric TouchСергей Лазарев5
2011Wounded RhymesLykke Li3.217
2011Твоя_ААнита Цой2
2016Préndete a la JodaLa Banda del Maestro1

Album + Compilation

1993A Multimedia Record: Wait Until You See and Hear What’s on This CDLouis Armstrong1
1994Negative Choice - Sieben WeltenVarious Artists1
1994Sea of TranquillityVarious Artists1
1995Future Music CD February 1995Various Artists1
1995Spiritual HighVarious Artists2
1995Giga Hits 95Various Artists1
1995The Groove Active CollectionVarious Artists1
1995Decadence: Nettwerk's 10th Anniversary Box SetVarious Artists1
1995Cyber TranceVarious Artists1
1995Forced Cranial RemovalVarious Artists1
1995Most Wanted Dance Part TwoVarious Artists1
1995Rock Around the Fifties: Mit RTL in die 50'er, Volume 2Various Artists1
1995Rock Around the Fifties: Mit RTL in die 50'er, Volume 1Various Artists1
1995Rock Around the Fifties: Mit RTL in die 50'er, Volume 3Various Artists1
1995Rock Around the Sixties: Mit RTL in die 60'er, Volume 1Various Artists1
1995Rock Around the Sixties: Mit RTL in die 60'er, Volume 2Various Artists1
1995Rock Around the Sixties: Mit RTL in die 60'er, Volume 3Various Artists1
1995TV DanceVarious Artists1
1996Ambient CompendiumBill Laswell2
1996Borders Jazz Cafe SamplerVarious Artists1
1996Dance Party: Best OfVarious Artists1
1996Dance UpdateVarious Artists21
1996Precision Video CD Karaoke: Philippine Songs VCD-PH-22Various Artists1
1996Ravers Revolution IIIVarious Artists1
1997Ten Years of SuccessVarious Artists2
1997Every Day is Earth DayVarious Artists1
1997Eine Sonne voll BlutVarious Artists1
1997FMCD: October 1997Various Artists1
1997Massive Dance Hits 2Various Artists1
1997Soul: Los grandes éxitosVarious Artists1
1997World War UndergroundVarious Artists1
1998furioso (Audiophile Sound Collection)Various Artists1
1999ImmortalVarious Artists51
1999D-Day Memories - Hymn to the FallenVarious Artists1
1999Montréal Basement 1Various Artists2

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