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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Be Happy☆ 3L 4:24
breakable girlz ZYTOKINE feat. 3L ?:??
Cinderella Cage (ALR More Rewind Mix) 3L 5:00
Come Back to Me 3L (NJK Record) 3:47
Cosmically Night 3L 4:23
Dreaming Pizuya's Cell feat. 3L 3:24
Endless night 3Lmaria♂polo 5:23
engage 3L 5:52
Faraway 3L 4:40
Faraway 3L 4:31
Faraway katsu feat. 3L 4:51
I'm being dichroic butterfly, Act Lotus Pizuya's Cell feat. 3L 3:14
KICKING TRICK - Nhato Remix ZYTOKINE feat. 3L ?:??
Last Moments 3Lmaria♂polo 5:46
Leave My Key 3L (NJK RECORD) 4:21
Lift Up 源屋 feat. 3L 2:16
Lift Up 源屋 feat. 3L 6:01
LiveActors 3L 4:59
Locus Of Control 3L from NJKRecord ?:??
LOVE or SMILE 3L 4:52
Miracle∞Hinacle ぼいど (vocal: 3L) 3:24
MyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyon! 3L 5:40
MyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyon! Shibayan feat. 3L 9:46
Phantasmagoria Mystical Expectation ARM (vocal: 悠 杏李) 4:44
Reason to Fly ARM (vocal: 悠 杏李) 3:11
rebellion -たいせつなもののために- 3L 6:20
Search for the butterfly 3Lmaria♂polo 4:22
The Glow Of A Firefly 源屋 feat. 3L 4:51
The Rise and Fall 3L 4:02
The Wheel of Darkness 3L 3:49
Three Magic 3L 3:52
Three Magic 3L 3:55
Three Magic 3L 3:13
Three Magic 3L 3:53
Three Magic (DiGiTAL WiNG TRANCE Remix) 3L 5:19
Three Magic (DiGiTAL WiNG TRANCE Version) 3L 1:54
Three Magic (Toho Cyber Trance extended refix) katsu + sumijun feat. 3L 6:10
TU・RALALA -Instrumental- 3L 4:59
Underwater Regret 3L 5:01
Unknown destination katsu feat. 3L 4:21
Warning! 3Lmaria♂polo 5:30
WARNING! 3Lmaria♂polo 5:30
With affection 3L 3:51
With affection 3L 3:52
With affection (DiGiTAL WiNG TRANCE Version) 3L 3:35
かむかぜうたふ 3L 4:19
かむかぜうたふ -Instrumental- 3L 4:19
タイニーリトル・アジアンタム Shibayan, milka & 3L 5:53
タイヨウノハナ D.watt & ARM (vocal: 3L) 3:10
マヨヒガノモリ 3L 5:24
一夜之夢 3L 6:18
夢と幻と泡と影 / valle blanco MIX 3Lmaria♂polo 4:15
大神神話之道 3L 4:15
妖隠し -あやかしかくし- DJ TOTTO feat. 3L 3:55
惑いの月 / RAYTO MIX 3Lmaria♂polo 5:16
春色トビラ 3L 4:32
望の月、宵の宴 3L ?:??
望の月、宵の宴 (Inst) 3L ?:??
桜華月想-SDVX EDIT- 源屋 feat. 3L 2:03
桜華月想-SDVX EDIT- (Long Ver.) 源屋 feat. 3L 5:04
紅涙にしづむは供人の憂い 3L 7:22
聖人伝説~豊聡耳の祀り 3L 4:30
邪符「ハオシャオグイ」 3L 5:35
銀のめぐり 3L 4:14

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