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member of: Cola Boy
Saint Etienne
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
4:35 in the Morning
Afraid to Go Home
Artie Ripp
Been So Long
Dutch TV
Erica America
Foto Stat
Goodnight Jack
He's on the Phone
Hill Street Connection
Hit the Brakes
Hug My Soul
Jack Lemmon
Late Morning
Lose That Girl
Mr. Donut
Over the Border
Public Information Film #2
Save the Lies
Sometimes in Winter
Split Screen
Sushi Rider
Swim Swan Swim (Swim Swim Swim / Swim Swam Swim)
The Bad Photographer
The Place at Dawn
Uri Geller Bent My Boyfriend
Winter Melody
You Know I'll Miss You When You're Gone
You're in a Bad Way
Groveley Road
Save the Lies
Sometimes in Winter
Winter Melody
You're in a Bad Way
Gone David Holmes feat. Sarah Cracknell 8:08
Gone guest David Holmes 8:11
Gone (Alter Ego Decoding Gone Part 2) guest David Holmes 5:45
Gone (edit) guest David Holmes 4:13
Gone (feat. Sarah Cracknell) (Kruder & Dorfmeister mix) David Holmes 7:52
Gone (The Kruder & Dorfmeister Session) guest David Holmes 7:51
Gone (The Kruder & Dorfmeister Sessions™) (part of a “Chilled Out Euphoria” DJ‐mix) David Holmes feat. Sarah Cracknell 2:53
Sunset Spirals Xploding Plastix feat. Sarah Cracknell 3:32
Groveley Road Saint Etienne 3:39
25 Years Saint Etienne 3:41
Answer Song Saint Etienne 3:26
Answer Song (White Horses remix) Saint Etienne 3:37
Carnt Sleep Saint Etienne 4:44
Dilworth’s Theme Saint Etienne 0:40
DJ Saint Etienne 4:40
DJ (Muddyloop remix) Saint Etienne 4:17
DJ (Stay+ remix) Saint Etienne 3:45
Etienne Gonna Die Saint Etienne 1:30
Girl VII Saint Etienne 3:46
Gone (Alter Ego Decoding Gone, Part 2) lead vocals David Holmes feat. Sarah Cracknell 5:43
Gone (edit) David Holmes ?:??
Gone (K&D Session™) David Holmes 8:30
Gone (K&D Session™) David Holmes 8:30
Gone (PFM remix) David Holmes 9:07
Gone (Second Night Without Charge) David Holmes 8:37
Gone (Suburban Base remix) David Holmes 6:24
Gone (The Kruder & Dorfmeister Session™) lead vocals David Holmes feat. Sarah Cracknell 7:51
Haunted Jukebox Saint Etienne 4:15
Haunted Jukebox (Summer Camp remix) Saint Etienne 3:27
Heading for the Fair Saint Etienne 3:45
Heading for the Fair (The Time and Space Machine Waltzer remix) Saint Etienne 7:57
I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten guest and lead vocals Marc Almond feat. Sarah Cracknell 4:07
I Threw It All Away Saint Etienne 3:28
I’ve Got Your Music Saint Etienne 3:47
I’ve Got Your Music (Golden Filter remix) Saint Etienne 7:09
I’ve Got Your Music (Kisses remix) Saint Etienne 4:23
Jackie Collins Existential Question Time (Saint Etienne remix) Manic Street Preachers 2:24
Kiss and Make Up (Cracknell vocal) Saint Etienne 5:15
Kissing Things lead vocals The 6ths with Sarah Cracknell 2:29
Last Days of Disco Saint Etienne 3:37
Last Days of Disco (Beat Connection remix) Saint Etienne 4:42
Last Days of Disco (Erol Alkan remix) Saint Etienne 6:17
Like the Swallow Saint Etienne 7:39
Lion Green Saint Etienne 2:41
London Belongs to Me Saint Etienne 3:57
Nothing Can Stop Us Saint Etienne 4:20
Over the Border Saint Etienne 5:05
Peter Pan Saint Etienne 4:55
Popular Saint Etienne 3:24
Popular (Tom Middleton Cosmos remix) Saint Etienne 8:18
Record Doctor Saint Etienne 0:53
Record Doctor Dub Saint Etienne 4:41
She’s the One Saint Etienne 3:07
Shopping Spree Pete Wiggs 2:02
Spring Saint Etienne 3:44
Stoned to Say the Least Saint Etienne 7:41
Tell Me Why (The Riddle) (radio mix) guest Paul van Dyk feat. Saint Etienne 3:48
The Journey Continues (Thomas Gold Classic dub) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 39” DJ‐mix) Mark Brown feat. Sarah Cracknell 2:51
This Is Radio Etienne Saint Etienne 0:43
Three Sides of Winter Pete Wiggs 3:25
Tonight Saint Etienne 4:38
Tonight (Club Clique remix) Saint Etienne 4:39
Tonight (Two Bears remix) Saint Etienne 7:18
When I Was Seventeen Saint Etienne 3:37
Wilson Saint Etienne 1:59
Wouldn’t It Be Nice Saint Etienne 3:12
Foxbase Alpha Saint Etienne
Foxbase Alpha Saint Etienne
Join Our Club / People Get Real Saint Etienne
Join Our Club / People Get Real Saint Etienne
Join Our Club / People Get Real Saint Etienne
2000 Tell Me Why (The Riddle)
52 Pilot
Accident (Weekend in Rome)
After Hebden
Angel of Woodhatch
Aspects of Lambert
Boy is Crying
Breakneck Hill
Church Pew Furniture Restorer
Don't Back Down
Downey, CA
Favourite Chair
Gonna Have a Party
Good Thing
Half Timbered
Heart Failed (in the Back of a Taxi)
Hearts Are for Breaking
How We Used To Live
I Am Not Your Enemy
I Close My Eyes
In the Dark
It’s Never Too Late
Just a Little Overcome
Lightning Strikes Twice
Magpie Eyes
Marble Lion
Milk Bottle Symphony
New Thing
No Cure for the Common Christmas
Nothing Left to Talk About
Nothing Left to Talk About
On the Swings
Out of My Mind
Sadie’s Anniversary
Shoot Out the Lights
Shower Scene
Side Streets
Soft Like Me
Something New
Stars Above Us
Stop and Think It Over
Sun in My Moning
Sunset Spirals
Sweet Arcadia
Take It All In
Take the Silver
Teenage Winter
The More You Know
Tonight (Saint Etienne song)
Train Drivers in Eyeliner
Under Her Spell
Underneath the Apple Tree
Underneath the Stars
Unopened Fan Mail
Unwrap Me
We’re in the City
Welcome Home
What Kind of World